Sunday, January 20, 2008

Things that happened this week...

For my sake, I am going to start posting our weekly happenings. I wanted to copy Mindy's blog (my sister has a section titled "funny things to remember this week" and then she puts funny things that happened or that her kids did, I LOVE IT!) b/c it's easy to forget the things that happened during the week.

  • Max fell and his eye met the corner of the coffee table (he's ok, just bruised).
  • Lukas actually went to Sunbeams and had fun w/out crying!
  • We moved all of Lukas' stuff into Max's room, so they are officially sharing! And Lukas slept in his own bed all night long (one time).
  • Now I have an empty room all to myself (hello craft room)!!
  • We went to Nicklecade this weekend and had tons of fun.
  • Pat turned in his nursing application to the U of U.
  • We went to Nana & Papa's house to play (snowmobile, sew, blog, hangout, make cookies, play).
  • We celebrated Jaden's 6th b-day in Payson (Jaden is my niece).
  • I actually found time to exercise this week!
  • In the middle of dinner, Lukas excuses himself and says, "sorry, I have to go now. my movie's on".
  • Max has an endless runny nose and learns how to wipe his own nose (but really only makes a slimey mess).
  • We made 'Shrink-A-Dinks'. I forgot how cool those are.
  • My BF Emily came over and hung out w/ me while our husbands were working/busy and she helped me redesign my blog! I'm addicted now.
  • Emily and I took our boys to storytime (Lukas was at preschool).


Patty R said...

I love your new layout--it's awesome! Cute post...It's very interesting. I'm glad Lukas slept in his own bed--all night..hopefully Max will get used to sharing the room
. Love you guys :)

Candy said...

JaNece, I miss you so much! Your little family is so dang cute. I can't wait till the day comes when we can hang out. Love you.

jackie said...

I'm so glad Lukas is sleeping better. It is REALLY hard to go on no sleep as a mom! By the way, what are Shrink-a-dinks? Your new background is so cute!!

Heather Ford said...

tell me how you made your shrink-a-dinks!!! And I love your weekly update, great idea. Congrats on Lukas sleeping in his bed. Even once is a big step in the right direction. And how did you change your blog background?

Mindy said...

What a cute sister I have! It's so cute seeing your week in that format. Your new design looks GREAT! You are the cutest!

Kimberly and Devon said...

This is why I love blogging! It is such a fun way to keep an account of all the day to day things that happen in our lives. Plus, we get to share it with others and get hear their comments (which I love). Your little family is so cute!

Alison said...

Oh so fun! I forgot all about those shrinky things! I totally need to make those with my boys! That photo of you and Lukas is adorable!