Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Day

For Pioneer day we went to Woodland Hills. Pat was working so I brought the kids to sleep over at Papa and Nana's house. They always have fun running around outside. I got the kids to bed and Nana and I stayed up a little too late visiting. We got up early (a little too early) the next morning for the parade in Spanish Fork and then had a fun BBQ in the afternoon. It was a little stressful (and a little hot) getting to the parade and the parade lasted FOREVER, but we got to be with family and that was fun. (The sirens were a little loud for Zoey). The kids loved being with their cousins, and the cousins loved holding Zoey. :) Did I mention that we got to see my mom and her tap group perform at Fiesta Days? She did great.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Secret Sisters

I have the best sister in the whole world. Speaking of world, it seems like she lives on the other side of it {Alaska}. Since I can't have her as much as I want, I have the next best thing. Friends!! This weekend some girlfriends and I went to Snowbird and stayed in The Cliff Lodge. It was so much fun. We ate out, stayed up late, exchanged "secret sister" gifts*, went in the hot tub (which was just outside our balcony), ate all kinds of yummy treats, played games, laid out by the pool, chased off wildlife and just enjoyed each other! It was over too quickly. Thanks girls for so much fun! *We each shared our favorite things with each other. These girls are too cute!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

C O L O R F U L * C O L O R A D O

What an awesome weekend! We drove back to my old hometown of Rifle, Colorado. (My sister flew in from Alaska for her 20 year high school reunion, and we decided to make a vacation out of it to go see her.) I realized it would take too long to journal the entire trip, so here are highlights:

  • a trip to Urgent Care for Max who had an ear infection, and later a sick Lukas from a stomach bug (ugh!)
  • a surprise visit from Aunt Mary & Christy from Denver (thanks for the darling quilt and the was a life saver for the boys and provided hours of entertainment!!)
  • The Lord's house (no, not the temple...Jim & Kelly Lord. They are the coolest couple ever and Kolby and Kaiden are now my boys hero's!!!! We want to come back, the boys miss them already. Kelly is Mindy's BFF since 6th grade.)
  • the Glenwood Hot Springs (way overpriced, but a must do if you are in the area).
  • fireworks from the City Market parking lot
  • Rib City (yummiest ribs around)
  • a blast from the past--0599 Mesa Drive (my old house growing up), Rifle Creek Estates, Rifle Falls, Fish Hatchery
  • the caves at Rifle Falls (this was the boys favorite besides Aunt Mindy & Kelly's boys).
  • our hotel overlooking beautiful Colorado scenery and the Colorado River
  • spending time with our favorite sister, sister-in-law and aunt (all three being Mindy)!

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Tradition

For the past couple of years we have set off our own little fireworks in our neighborhood. Well this year we will be in Colorado over the 4th of July weekend, so we decided to do it early! I'm so glad we have fun neighbors who like to keep traditions! Look how cute our kids are...and Wolfie, too.

We LOVED it!!

I have a friend who will watch TWILIGHT & NEW MOON with me before the midnight showing of ECLIPSE! And who will decorate t-shirts, buy silly (but totally AWESOME) cups with our favorite characters on them and giggle and scream in the theater while we watch the best movie ever! Yay for friends and double YAY for Eclipse (which we totally gushed over and love love loved!!!!!!)