Monday, March 30, 2009

Living in a Bubble

I wanted to put my feelings into words about my dad and everything that's going on with that, but didn't know how for the longest time. Then I read my sister's blog and she said it perfectly. I am:

She also said, "For the past couple of weeks, I've been living in a bubble. Real life is going on all around me, and I'm participating yet I'm going through the motions without much feeling or comprehension."
Thank you Mindy for saying exactly how I feel. And sorry I didn't come up with it on my own. It just feels good to get it out there.

Sadza Night with my Murungu's

The summer after my BYU graduation (which was 8 years ago...Yikes!), I went with 3 other RMYL {Recreation Management Youth Leadership} interns to Zimbabwe, Africa for the summer to complete our degrees. It was my adventure of a lifetime. I fell deeply in love with this country and it's amazing people. We got to experience real life in Harare where we lived for the majority of our stay. I could probably write a book on the crazy things that happened to us and places we traveled. It was something that changed my life forever. Experiences like this aren't complete without the friends that I shared it with. Which is why we still get together for sadza nights and reminisce about the adventures we had and people we met there. After we came back from Africa, we were all roommates and worked at the Boys and Girls Club. We share a lot of memories and it's no wonder we want to get together because each have that same love for Africa. It's amazing how good our sadza tastes because of the memories behind it. Thanks Kenna and Maren for the fun night! T.I.A.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Edward is back

Just enjoying the fact that I can see Edward whenever I want. And Jacob, too. {Sigh}

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jumping Jack Flash

My sister and I wanted to create a blog for those that wanted to keep tabs on my Dad. Just click on the picture on the sidebar or the link below and it will take you to it. We will update as much as possible. Thank you for your love and prayers!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Part 2 of my Vacation

Well, we managed to squeeze in more fun while I was in Cali. Hard to believe, I know, but I have one amazing sister!!!

  • Thanks to my brother-in-law, we got $170 tickets for free (21st row) to the Warriors game vs. the Clippers. It was so much fun and the Warriors won, so even better.
  • We ran across the San Fransisco bridge (3 miles round trip). It was awesome and so pretty!
  • Changed out of our sweaty running clothes into our downtown fancy clothes to put our names in a lottery to get tickets at the sold-out 'Wicked' musical. Guess who won tickets out of about 50 people? Yes, US! We won! Although we did have to pay $25 per ticket, we won a spot in the theater.
  • Went to lunch at the ever famous 'Specialty Cafe & Bakery with top law associate at Morrison & Foerster and walked 1.2 miles just to get to his office in downtown San Fran. Thanks David!!
  • Walked back1.2 miles to watch 'Wicked', the best Broadway musical ever!!!
  • Rushed home to eat dinner and head off to Vacaville to shop at the outlets.
  • Came home and crashed! (My muscles are so sore I can barely walk myself on the plane.
Yay, for sisters! And Yay for husbands that send you without kids to visit sisters!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fly Girl

While Pat is at home handling things on the home front (and doing a swell job), I am:

  • Eating at: In 'n' Out, a place called Askew (the BEST skewers ever), my sisters awesome cooking, super delicious cupcakes & cookies from amazing bakeries and Cheese Board pizza (Anyone want to work out with me when I get home? I'm gonna need it.)
  • watching a pirated copy of Twilight with my sister (*sigh*)
  • getting extra time with my cute nieces and nephew
  • shopping with OUT kids.
  • getting a solid 7-8 hours sleep! Ahhhh.
  • skydiving (while this is true, I didn't have to jump out of a plane to do it. Proof below.)

And this is just day 2 of my super-fabulous vacation!!! More to come...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


March is my favorite month because it's the first part of spring and it's my birthday! (Although it's hard to tell living in Utah if it's spring or winter. UGH!) I have had a fun weekend--THANKS friends and family! And even though I don't feel it, I'm thirty-something. And my birthday wish came true and my Dad is home from the hospital. (One of the Dr.'s said he wouldn't be home until Tuesday.) I have lots of pictures to share, but have left packing until the last minute and am flying to Cali in the morning to see my sis!! YAY! So, happy birthday to me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Man of Steel

When I was growing up, I used to think my dad was tougher than metal. He'd always tell me, "You can't hurt me, I'm made of steel." I'm pretty sure I believed him, too. He could rebuild a car, finish and remodel an entire house, fix any problem around the house and build a gigantic 3000 sq. foot garage by himself and never quit or rest. Now my strong, made-of-steel dad is in the hospital. The doctors think he has Stage IV Lung Cancer. We are all hopeful and are praying for a miracle. The results of the biopsy will be here in a few days and in the meantime, we can be grateful for so many things. My dad is the biggest joker around and he is in good sprits. Yesterday he was joking with the Dr. about how funny he'd look bald (if he lost his hair in radiation or kemo). Nothing is certain and now we wait to find out what the tests say. We love you Dad!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Summer Carnival

Pat said to me this morning: "I'm so excited for summer. When it's all hot outside and you can wear shorts. And just walk around and there is all this fun stuff to do."
I married a 12 year-old at heart who think summers are like carnivals.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor GIRLS Night

Monday night has been much-anticipated around this neighborhood so we could meet together, share treats and pick-apart every little detail of our favorite (now EX-favorite) show. Could I be any more upset with the outcome!!! It's like every season gets worse. I vowed to swear off this show, but I'm sure we'll be meeting together again on Monday nights, just to see the drama. That's more Bachelor. Let's start having "Grey's" parties!!! Like we need an excuse to ditch the hubby and kids for a girl's getaway! (Thanks Erin for always hosting these fun nights! And sorry Whitney, but I photoshopped you in...Bless her heart, she's on bedrest until the baby comes.)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Goodnight, Sleep Tight

I am so proud of Lukas! He has been sleeping in his bed ALL night for this many nights. I can't tell you what a big accomplishment this is. I love that he is catching on and sticking to it. (How can he not, I mean, every day he wakes up to a new toy or treat in his bag! I think I forgot to figure out how to phase out the Bedtime Fairy and her giftgiving when I first started this thing...Oops!) Now we just need to work on Max.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Super Saturday!

What a great weekend! Pat was home, the weather was nice(er) and we spent most our day outside. The boys finally got to take out the Dodge Viper (it was a Christmas present that has been sitting in the basement collecting dust) and they cruised the neighborhood. We weren't the only ones out as you'll notice the car caravan of other kids cruisin' the streets. We packed a lunch and had an awesome picnic together. And we got the kites out. It was so cute to see Max's face as he finally got his kite into the air. It was so good for all of us to be in the sunshine. What a perfect day!! Super, even!

Max cracks me up. He is at the cutest age. He talks a lot, and has his own vocabulary. Every day he makes me smile and I seriously want to eat him up. I don't want him to get big. I know it's inevitable, so I'll just keep track of all the cute things he does...

  • Every time I wear a certain necklace, he'll touch it and say, "It looks like...ahhh...jelly buns". (In Max language jelly buns= jelly beans) Then he'll throw his head back and laugh hysterically. This happens 20 times in a row and never gets old.
  • If I lay down with him for nap time, he'll get mad at me for laying so close and say, "Scoop over, mommy!"
  • We were at Target the other day and he picked up a glass globe and said as he handed it carefully to me, "This is beautiful."
  • Sometimes Pat and I tease Max and say something like, "You're my silly billy". Max will pout and say, "My name is Max. Don't call me names." Like he's so offended we called him something besides Max.
  • He loves to sit in Lukas' big boy car seat.
  • The kid does not know how to whisper and he practically shouts when he talks to other people. It's especially embarrassing at church...
  • If I ask him where daddy is he'll say, "Daddy's not here. He's at school." Which is always true!
  • He makes the best sound effects and actions for Spiderman, Buzz or any other superhero. (Notice the Buzz action in the picture.)