Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life as we know it...

I think I almost forgot how to type with all the texting that goes on. I haven't sat down in front of the computer (except to pay bills) for months. It has been far too long since I have documented our life and I am forcing myself to sit down to do just that right now. My life has become so busy that I feel like it's passing me by. I haven't even uploaded pictures from Christmas, Pat's birthday, Lukas' first lost tooth, Zoey turning 9 months. Ugh! I'm usually caught up with my photo books at this point too. Every day I think, "Oh, I'll have time to do (blog, facebook, scrapbook) tomorrow." It's always on my list, but so many other things happen. It makes me sad that I am not remembering and capturing more. Days go by and then weeks, and now months. I think 3 kids has really caught up to me. So, no more. Instead of focusing on what I am behind on, let's focus on what is happening NOW. PAT got a new job at the Riverton Hospital (literally a 3 minute drive from our house) and starts in a few weeks. He is sad to leave the awesome U of U Hospital, but excited to try something new and be much closer to home. And let's face it, I really am looking forward to not getting phone calls in the morning as he is driving home from work trying desperately to stay awake (he works nights/weekends and can fall asleep as he is talking and has)! He is continuing to do real estate and getting his feet wet with his new brokerage Everest Realty Group. Great, that's fantastic!!! JaNECE (that's me) is up to my elbows in laundry (what's new). Besides housework that never gets done, I am now the taxi taking kids to and from school. I had no idea how much busier I am having Lukas in school. About once a month I volunteer in Lukas' classroom. It has been fun to see him in his element, although he always shows off when I'm there. Zoey is my big time stealer. She is worth it though! I love watching her grow and seeing her personality come through. I love being a mom (although I could use a refresher course on patience and how to get your kids to eat their vegetables, sit still in church and go to bed on time...without whining). I also do a dinner swap with 2 of my neighbors and it has been so fun to exchange recipes and have a night where I don't have to worry about dinner. The food is amazing and is inspiring me to branch out and cook better. I still do my Design By JaNece stuff and wish I had more money to invest in a better machine and all that darling fabric I see everywhere. Exercise is at the bottom of my list, but there is a time and a season for everything. Monday night has got to be my favorite night of the week because of "Girls Night". I have fabulous friends and look forward to the yummy treats and time shared watching meaningless, lame reality shows. LUKAS just lost his first tooth! It was one of the bottom ones and so whenever he says certain words with a 'ch', 's', or 't', it makes a cute noise. The tooth fairy came through and have him $5 for his first tooth! He was ecstatic (yet a little disappointed b/c he though it would be more like $1000 dollars--ha, dreamer!) and already spent it on a new toy. He LOVES kindergarten and his teacher Ms. Hansen. He is learning to read and spell and could color all day long. His spelling is the sound spell, so he'll write just how he sounds it out. It's adorable. He has made lots of friends in his class and particularly a girl friend named Emily. I have met her and she is adorable. He is always bringing home pictures that she colored for him, or bracelets or notes. And he returns the favor by coloring his best Ninja turtle or shark picture for her. They play together on the play ground and he even gets her coat and backpack for her when the bell rings (I saw this firsthand the last time I volunteered). Lukas is so smart and knows how to use the iPhone, computer, his Leapster, the Wii. He is also great at getting his own breakfast or lunch. He made a list one day of all the things he could do himself...chicken nuggets, cereal, sandwich, popcorn, corn dog, ice cream and chocolate milk. He is starting to get bugged with his brother. Max is always "breathing" on him or trying to play with him and his friends outside or not giving him enough space. He also HATES bedtime. He gets so bored and says he's not tired even at 11:00 at night. I'll get a note from him expressing this boredom and asking if he could come hang out with me, followed by a check YES or check NO box. He loves Zoey and is so helpful with her. He loves making her laugh and making sure she has toys to play with. MAX has so much energy. He usually spends it bugging Lukas or mauling Zoey! (I can't wait for warm weather to come). He LOVES preschool and his teachers and learns so much while he is there. He is getting better socially and I just love how happy he is when he gets home from Tiny Sprouts. He also has a new friend!! He hated play dates and didn't really have a lot of friends that were his own (he loves Carter who is 3 years older than him). But he has finally made a great friend. He constantly asks if Aiden can come play and when they do play, they do it so well! Their favorite thing to play is superheros. They dress up in every costume in the house and I never hear them fighting. His brother on the other hand...they fight like a pack of wolves, hitting, wrestling, punching. And miracle of miracles, he LOVES his primary class. It was a rocky first week, but the Hutchings have really made an impact on him. He LOVES Ben and asks if he can come over to play! He will do anything for Brother Hutchings. If only I had that power. *sigh* He is getting big and wears the same size at Lukas. He is still saying potty words and thinks anything to do with the bathroom is funny. He is so tender-hearted underneath all that intense energy. He will give Zoey about 10 hugs and kisses within a one minute time frame. And Zoey has developed quite a shirll scream because of it. Max is full of love and I'm learning he just wants attention and to be recognized. ZOEY is growing too fast. She is climbing up stairs and pulling herself up on everything. She really is so sweet. I just love how she laughs and squeals and then her cute little teeth show. She already knows what she wants and how to get it. It's no wonder I never put her down. I want to keep her this small forever. It's going too fast and I am loving every minute of it...except when 5 p.m. comes around-it's her grumpy time and my time to make dinner. I usually am making my way through the kitchen one handed b/c I'm holding her and trying to get dinner on the table. I should have super strong arms, but I don't think I do. Bummer. She has become a fabulous sleeper again and we are all getting great sleep. Wait, except for me because Lukas is impossible to get to bed and Max climbs in bed with me at 4 in the morning, by standing at my bedside until I open my eyes and see his little frame in the dark, just standing there. AHhhh, freaks me out every time! Anyway, life is good and we are happy. We have ups and downs, but we are trying to enjoy the journey. We have the gospel, our health and each other so what more could we want! (How about a new car, a furnished basement, new clothes, new tires, new land line phones...the list goes on!) But bottom line...we are happy and grateful. Our house may not be spotless, we may be a bit pudgy, but we get out of bed every day and we try to live life the best we know how. Thank goodness for resolutions and goals.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lukas' First Lost Tooth

How did he get so big? He was so excited that his tooth came out. The tooth fairy gave him $5 for his first tooth. :) Now he has another one loose. I hope he doesn't think the tooth fairy is gonna pay out that much for every tooth. She'll be broke!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Zoey @ 9 months

Zoey is growing so fast! She has 6 teeth and another one peeking through. She can crawl, roll over, sit up, clap, click her tongue, pull herself up to stand, blow raspberries and giggle (it sounds like I'm describing doggie tricks)! She is such a cutie. She hates her high chair, but as soon as I can get her to taste her food she'll endure sitting in it. She likes to eat what we're eating and trying new things. Her favorite is a stalk of celery. If you try and take it away, she has a death grip on it and she shows her . She smiles when she sees us and is getting better at playing on her own. I still have to hold her most of the time and she is pretty attached to me. I usually get nothing done when she is awake. She loves Wolfie and pets him in her cute way. He tolerates the tugging, pulling and getting sat on. My favorite thing is when I go get her out of her crib. She is standing there waiting for me and gets excited when I open the door. She holds on to me so tight and gives me the biggest hug. She is getting her spunky little personality already and I can tell she is going to be trouble, in that sweet, "what did I do" way. We all love her dearly. Max loves to smother her with hugs and kisses. He will pick her up and bring her to me (even when I don't ask or know) and I have to constantly tell him to back off and give her space. Lukas is great with her and she likes to play with him. We have so much fun picking out her outfits and doing her hair. She is waking up more at night, so it's been hard letting her cry it out. But she is learning and will go down easier now. She is attached to her blankie (white and black fuzzy) and when she sees it she buries her face in it. She never did like a binkie, but can't live without her blankie!! What a joy she is in our life. We love watching her grow and this is the funnest stage.