Sunday, October 28, 2007

Organized Garage

It's funny when you move into a house how much stuff you collect. We've never had a garage before, but it's sure getting full. I've wanted some shelves in there for a long time, but a lack of money, time, motivation, ect. has prevented us from getting them. My dad called me the other day and said he had a lot shelves left over and he was on his way to bring them over. Not only did he drive an hour to bring them to us, but he stayed all afternoon and put them up!!! I wish I had a before picture because it was cluttered! Well, here is the after picture and let me tell you it feels nice and clean and organized!! Now all we need to do is paint the walls.

Happy Hair!

This past week my friend and I decided we were sick of our boring hair, so we went together to get red put in it. Next time I'm going to put in more and make it brighter, but for now, it was just what I needed. And you might not even be able to see the red, but look close. There are days I still wish I had long hair and I feel like it will never grow...*sigh* but I'll enjoy it (or try) for now.

Spooky Walk

This has been the weekend for Halloween. This is just my favorite holiday for serveral reasons. 1. You get to dress up and become something/someone else. 2. You get candy. 3. There are no gift-giving obligations. 4. There is just something about orange, black and purple! And of course fall is my favorite time of year so it's only natural that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Ok, so I have to share how cool my parents are. My dad was born on Halloween, so every year he has to share his special day with trick-or-treaters. Which he doesn't mind, and every year my mom comes up with something fun to do for him. Last year he turned "60" so she had a big halloween surprise party for him (which was a blast). Well, this year we were invited to a "Spooky dinner, Spooky Walk and Birthday" at their house in Woodland Hills (it's a small town outside of Salem/Spanish Fork, Utah for those of you who may get confused with the Woodland Hills in California). It was a family party so my Uncle and brother & his family were there. Woodland Hills is just that, a mountain with lots of trees and the perfect setting for a spooky walk. Lukas was weary to go on the spooky walk, but said he would if Nana held him. My other nieces (Madelyn and Jaden) were also a bit apprehensive to go, but we all went in a big group so it would be less scary. Let me just say that our walk through their wooded backyard was so awesome!!! And mind you if Jaden hadn't been clutched to me the entire time I might have been spooked myself. There were bats and spiders flying through the trees and people crying for help (thanks to a cool flashlight w/ buttons and sound effects). And several well-placed props that fit the spooky theme. The kids were scared and the adults impressed. It was really fun! And you know that there were hours and hours of preparation put into making it that way! I wish you could all experience it. WAY TO GO Dad and Mom! I think it might turn into an annual tradition! Here is a slideshow of the event!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tender Moments

I was recently reading Michelle's blog about how she went to the temple to surprise her mom. I got to thinking...and last Thursday I took the boys to Provo and we waited for Nana and Papa (my parents) to finish their shift at the temple and surprise them when they came out. We got their a little after 11 a.m. and that was right when their shift ended. I was so worried that I was too late. We waited and waited and I just knew I missed them!! Well, finally they came out. They had decided to eat lunch (which they never do) and I think if they hadn't I would've missed them. It was so fun to be at the temple. Lukas had fun running around and making sure his brother didn't fall or get hurt. And it was good to see my sweet, faithful parents come out of the temple and I'm glad my kids can be around their influence.


We had FHE and finally carved our pumpkins. Here's how they turned out. I wish they lasted longer. It hasn't even been a week and they are already started to shrivel.

The Sandwich

So I was making Lukas lunch one day last week. I gave him some cheese and crackers and slices of turkey and pepperoni. He was upstairs eating and I was downstairs doing other things. After a few minutes, he came down and showed me his "sandwich" that he made. He had stacked every cracker, cheese and slice of meat I had given him into this one giant stack and he was attempting to eat it. WOW! And he succeeded mostly, despite the thick layer of crumbs he left behind. Kids...

Thank Goodness for FRIENDS!!

I have had good friends in my life and recently I have found a GREAT friend. She is there for me when I need her. She listens to my silly problems and relates to them without making me feel like I am burdening her. She is willing to do whatever it is we're doing so that I have company (like go to the mall and let the boys play at Dino Town) or go with me to the endless "parties" that are going around (Tastefully Simple, candles, jewelry, clocks). Or even just sit around with me and talk while we take a break from our kids. She makes me feel important and worthwhile to be around (which is a big deal when all day long I hear "No Mommy" or "Get me milk"). I can't tell you how many times I have called her and she's been happy to hear my voice and lifted my spirits! She is awesome and amazing and I am so glad we're friends! THANK you Emily! I wish everyone could have a friend like her. :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hair Trouble

What a silly thing to blog about, but it's on my mind ALL THE TIME! I am just so sick of my hair. I chopped 6 inches off in July and it doesn't seem like it has grown at all since then. Boo hoo. I always want long hair when it's short and short hair when it's long. When will I ever be happy? Right now I can't do anything with it except pull it out. I have seriously considered extensions only they are a little pricey. I guess I have to patient and let it grow, or enjoy it while it's short. **Sigh** What's a girl to do... Ok, I feel better now that I at least got that off my chest. Maybe I will dye it a funky color or do something with it that I normally wouldn't consider. Stay tuned for exciting and fun details!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

what we did in JULY

I love these slide shows and got some pictures together from JULY. We had a family camping trip (at Payson Lakes), went to the Tracy Aviary, rode 4 wheelers at Nana and Papa's house, got to see my BF JoAnne (from Reno) at her daughters baptism, had a visit from my sister that lives in San Fran and then just the regular every day stuff.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall is the BEST!

Last night we went to a pumpkin patch for FHE. It was so fun seeing the pumpkins and just being outside in the crisp air. Fall is just my favorite time of year. I wish it lasted longer. I've already made pumpkin bread and a yummy pumpkin dessert. And sugar cookies and hot chocolate. Guess it's a good thing I walk in the mornings. We have all our halloween decorations up and it's so fun to come home to glowing orange and purple lights. I look forward to this all year. The changing colors are quite a sight.

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Jersey Morristown Mission Reunion

It has been 8 years since I got home from my mission to New Jersey! Man, I am getting old! I look back and it almost seems like a dream. At the time it felt like it would never end...that I would never come home. Funny how time seems to drag on as a missionary. I loved serving and being a missionary, though. I was looking forward to this reunion and hoped to find old friends there. I did see Elder Urry and Elder Carpenter there. Other than that I didn't recognize hardly anyone else. It was at my mission president's house in Saratoga Springs. Pres. Schreiner was the same as I remember him and it was good for me to see him and have a chance to talk with him for a minute. My mission was very strict and had a lot of rules, so my memories tend to be on the negative side sometimes. This was good for me to remember how sincere and nice Pres. Schreiner was. Now I don't have to stress about going to another one if I don't want.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

September Update

I'm so new at this whole "blog" thing, but I refuse to be left behind! So, here is the latest and greatest in the Mendoza family. Lukas just celebrated his 3rd birthday. He still loves "Toy Story" and wanted to have a Woody party. His Nana made him a Woody outfit and he looked so cute in it! He had a great birthday. I can't believe he is getting so big! He also started preschool and looks forward to going each week. Max is quite the bugger! He is so fast and into everything!!! He goes for the stairs the fastest and since I can't find a gate to fit our stairs, I have to constantly be pulling him off (which he hates). He thinks he can walk already and lunges forward causing an unwanted tumble. He has stood by himself for a few seconds at a time. I am in no hurry for him to becoming even more mobile! Pat is busy with Real Estate and his church calling. He works from home (which can be both good and bad). He plays in a bball league and still wakes up at 6 am on Tues mornings to play ball with the guys. I find myself wishing there was more time in the day to acutally do something that I want to do (not clean up the house or do dishes or change diapers). I figure my time will come when I can do exactly what I want. Patience. I have fun with my boys and I love being a mom and a wife (most of the time, haha).