Monday, April 27, 2009

Here we are...the extended Marshall clan. This is historic. We haven't been all together for years and here we have it, our official family picture. :) This was the weekend it rained. Lukas said a prayer that it would stop raining for 10 minutes so we could get our picture taken. We drove 30 minutes to another location and sure enough, no rain for about 10 minutes and here's what we got...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Herriman T-Ball Rattlers

Lukas started T-ball this week. He has his first practice on Saturday and his first game on Monday. He was really excited and for never having played before, he did pretty good. It's really quite funny to watch a game. The dads are standing behind their kids in the outfield and everyone is shouting telling the kids where to run and where to throw the ball. The kids have no clue what's going on. But they are having fun. It's weird to think I have a child old enough for sports. It will be interesting to see as he gets older what he gets into. For now, Go Rattlers!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This Easter was so fun because my sister and her family were here from California. We got together with the whole family for a fun Easter Sunday dinner. It was such a beautiful sunny day, so appropriate for this holiday. At church Lukas gave a talk about resurrection and as I was helping him (ok, doing it for him) I learned so much about Jesus and his Atonement and resurrection. I think I have decided that this is my new favorite holiday. I love the focus on Jesus' resurrection and the hope and joy that come from it. It has a whole new meaning to me this time. I really felt the Savior's love as I thought of Him coming to this earth to live as we live and experience what we experience. All so that he can relate and understand our heartache and sorrow and pain. My heart is overflowing with joy as I think of the gift He gave as He overcame death and suffered for the sins of all mankind. I am grateful for that knowledge. And I LOVE EASTER!!! Saturday I colored eggs with the boys and we made frosted Easter cookies. The boys woke up to full baskets and hidden candy everywhere. It was fun to see their faces and the excitement they felt. Oh, to be a kid! Pat was just as excited, too.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Murder Mystery Dinner

It was a cold, snowy night in Cottonwood, Colorado. The year was 1984. There was a dinner party and a murder... We had to solve the crime, everyone was a suspect. Could it be Buzzy, the ski shop owner and ladies man? Or perhaps it was Sam, the wild party girl and assistant private investigator. Roberto was suspicious with his shades always on and could he really be connected to the KGB? And Tiffany knew a little too much for having just met Michael on the plane hours before the party. Then there was the bohemian-style Alicia, who always had money, but no job to show for it. And Laura, being a skilled surgeon, new just where to kill the victim, in the caratiod artery. So who did it? This is the Icicle Twist. (Thanks to my creative and wonderful sister who put it all together!! My family got together for a Murder Mystery Party and had so much fun in our different characters. The food was amazing and even better, NO KIDS!!)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bag Lady

I've been all about bags this week. The cute black and pink one is for my friend who is getting married and Lukas wanted one out of all the scraps I had laying around. You can never have too many bags! If you want or need one, give me a call! :) They are fun to make and even more fun to use! (Visit my website for fabric choices and prices!)


I was running errands yesterday and was at the bank. I told the kids to sit quietly in the lobby so I could take care of a few things. I was a few feet away from them, they were being pretty good, sitting on big soft chairs and playing with a toy they brought in. I was focused on the transaction taking place and then I hear Max crying. I run over to see him on the floor and blood dripping out of his mouth. I also thought he had a bloody nose with the amount of blood dripping from his face. Then I see it's coming from his eye/eyebrow. I frantically grab tissues out of my purse to stop the bleeding. Everything was in slow motion. He wouldn't sit still and people were just staring at me. Then I think someone noticed the blood and ran to get a first aid kit. In the meantime, I'm covered in Max's blood and he's wiping it all over his hands and face. I don't know how they got the bandage on, but it finally stopped bleeding. I took him to the Instacare where they had to give him stitches. Poor kid. They strapped him in this velcro thing so he couldn't move, but it still took 5 nurses and Dr.'s to stitch him up. And this just a few days before family pictures... Poor Max. He had to have some anesthesia on his eye to numb it and I told him he looked cool, like Rambo. He kept saying, "Do I look cool mommy?" I took a picture with my phone, so I don't know how good the quality is. This kid is trouble. Stitches twice in less than a year. (As soon as I figure out the camera phone, I'll post a picture.)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Fever

I am itching for spring. NO MORE SNOW! Come on, it's April already! So, in memory of spring, we are spring cleaning. Pat shampooed our living room carpet. That led to me rearranging furniture and then a long list of decluttering and organizing in all parts of the house. I finally got to the toys in the toy room, the boys room, my pantry and my dusty floorboards and seriously, is it time for laundry again? Just when I think I'm on top of it, there are piles of laundry. {Going through clothes, scrubing every nook and crany with my magic eraser, sifting through closets and trying to get things in my life more simple and clean.} This is my GOODBYE winter, PLEASE COME Spring ritual. I did it, so hurry up warm 70 degree weather. I need a tan. (Oh, I have my spray tan, nevermind.) I just need to get me and my kids out of the house.