Thursday, June 30, 2011

End-of-Kindergarten Party

I can't believe Lukas is already done with Kindergarten. This has been so fun watching him learn to read and write! I'm amazed. He is so smart and Mrs. Hansen was such a great teacher! We wanted to end the year with a bang, so I let him invite 10 friends to have a party on the last day of school. It was fun, and a bit crazy, with 10 Kindergarteners running around! He loves his friends (which are mostly girls) and is always wanting play dates with them. What a great year!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lava Hot Springs

We took a fun family/neighborhood trip to Lava Hot Springs. It was such a fun get-away! And there is no way I'll ever go back to tent camping (maybe when the kids are bigger). We stayed in a cute little cabin that had bunks for the boys and a bed for us and a microwave and fridge. Don't forget we had a sink, toilet and shower, too! It was great to spend time with friends and let the kids play. We went to the hot pots, to the big swimming pool where we had fun going down the massive slides and just playing! We had some rainy nights, but no worries since we had a cabin! The Wankiers weren't so fortunate, since they stayed in a tent and had a sick baby. They are troopers! What fun memories!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mindy came to town!!

Mindy was here for a month! She came for Jayson's farewell and then took off to Paris with David for her 40th bday! Then when she got back she was here for 2 more weeks, so we got to have some quality time together. You won't know it from the lack of pictures, but we had fun! I'm so glad they came and we got to have them stay at our house a few nights. They boys love playing with Karsten, and Sierra was a great babysitter to Zoey (despite her screaming!). Skyla was so cute to always play with the boys and we were all sad to see them go! Until next time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tiny Sprouts Graduation

Max graduated from preschool yesterday. I was so worried when I first put him in. He is just so intense and can get really aggressive if you don't know how to handle him. From day 1 Miss Becky and Miss Brendy were right for him. They knew how to talk to him and help him participate. Not to say it wasn't hard work on their part, but he loved it and would come home excited and happy. I am so thankful for those teachers. And I'm so proud of Max for learning and going each week. Aunt Mindy was here for it, and that made Max's day. Gma Sonia came, too which was so nice. I love that we have such a supportive family. One more year of preschool to go! :) pictures to come...