Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Design By JaNece now at the Quilted Bear!

The 3 J's have opened up shop at the Quilted Bear in Provo. We are so excited to share our stuff with everyone. Jyl does darling broomstick pants, crotched hats, scarves and so much more! Visit her website HERE. Jen makes these cool leather bracelets that are way inexpensive! And I am doing my traditional scripture bags, aprons, toasty warmers, nursing covers & diapers holders and capes. Visit my site HERE. If you are ever in the Provo area, stop in at the Quilted Bear (Booth M5) and find everything you need! (If you didn't know...QB is a fun crafters store with cute home decor and fun gifts.)

Dumb TV!

So, a few months ago we got rid of DVR and cable. We've been fine without it and any show we miss, we just watch online (thanks I do miss being able to pause and rewind and I am not going to lie, DVR is the BEST. But we all make sacrifices. Well, now our only working TV is not working so I don't even get local channels. I'm so bugged. I can't turn on cartoons in the morning for the kids, and I can't watch the news or A.I. while I make dinner. It doesn't even work with the DVD player, so we can't watch movies in the living room. Or karaoke with Playstation. We don't have money to just go buy the TV we want and we don't want to waste money on a smaller TV just to get by, so next time you see me and I'm grouchy, you'll know why...DUMB TV!! (Here's the PROBLEM: The menu screen will not disappear no matter what button we push. Then just when it does disappear, you turn your back and it pops up again. It never goes away. Ever.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Draper Temple

We finally made it to the Draper Temple Open House. It was hectic getting there b/c we were running late and I only had an hour to spend due to Activity Days at my house. So, despite the tension, we made it on time and had a great tour. We asked the kids what their favorite part was and Max said it was the bus ride and Lukas said it was the whole thing. It was beautiful inside and there was a special spirit. I'm excited to go do a session there! Lukas said he couldn't wait to go swimming once he saw the baptismal font. :) We are so blessed to have so many temples so close. No excuses! I'm going every month.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Ask me what I got for Valentine's Day? * * * Well, let me start off by telling you what I gave for Valentine's Day. The boys (all 3) needed new socks, so yes, I wrapped up socks for them. Fun, right? And Pat needed new shoes and PJ's, so he got that. And I picked out a fun game for the kids and then gave them each an "airhead" (since they already go so much candy). Yay for everyone, what fun gifts! (Can you sense the sarcasm?) Then I open my gift and it's a piece of paper. But it's what's on the paper that is so wonderful. A round trip ticket to San Fransisco for 4 days WITHOUT kids to visit my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I could burst. Pat is taking the kids for 4 days during his spring break in March so I can go play with my sis! What a great guy my husband is! So, if any of you get calls from Pat mid-March to have a playdate or watch the kids, please help a brother out. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOVE is in the air!

Since this is the month of LOVE, I though I would share a few things that I love...

  • This is no secret, I love sweet things: cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream, popcorn, drinks! Bring on the sugar rush. (I'm not a fan of hard candy, though.)

  • Warm weather. Please hurry up spring!
  • My husband and kids. Remember, this is in no particular order. No way would I put sweets above my family. Or would I?
  • Music. Nothing can get me going faster than a good song. Bands I love: The Fray, Coldplay, One Republic, Blue October, Good Charlotte, Maroon 5, Snow Patrol and any A.I. hit!
  • T.V. I'm not a huge TV junkie and I rarely have it on, but thanks to, I can watch any show anytime. My favorites: The Office, LOST, The Bachelor, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy & True Beauty.
  • Organizing things. I used to store my CD's in alphabetical order and I tried that with our DVD's, but the kids would pull them off the shelf and it got pointless. I like to go through closets and drawers and dejunk and then reorganize it. It gives me a natural high.

  • Sleep. Now this is a very touchy subject at our house. I must say the boys are doing better. Both boys slept in their beds all night last night!!! (With exception to Max wandering the house at 2:30 a.m. crying for mommy! I found him and put him back in bed and he was fine after that. I wonder if I should have him tested for sleep walking.)

  • Lists, charts and calendars. I could schedule, list and mark off charts all day! I love to know what's going on even if it's nothing!

What are some things YOU love??