Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOVE is in the air!

Since this is the month of LOVE, I though I would share a few things that I love...

  • This is no secret, I love sweet things: cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream, popcorn, drinks! Bring on the sugar rush. (I'm not a fan of hard candy, though.)

  • Warm weather. Please hurry up spring!
  • My husband and kids. Remember, this is in no particular order. No way would I put sweets above my family. Or would I?
  • Music. Nothing can get me going faster than a good song. Bands I love: The Fray, Coldplay, One Republic, Blue October, Good Charlotte, Maroon 5, Snow Patrol and any A.I. hit!
  • T.V. I'm not a huge TV junkie and I rarely have it on, but thanks to, I can watch any show anytime. My favorites: The Office, LOST, The Bachelor, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy & True Beauty.
  • Organizing things. I used to store my CD's in alphabetical order and I tried that with our DVD's, but the kids would pull them off the shelf and it got pointless. I like to go through closets and drawers and dejunk and then reorganize it. It gives me a natural high.

  • Sleep. Now this is a very touchy subject at our house. I must say the boys are doing better. Both boys slept in their beds all night last night!!! (With exception to Max wandering the house at 2:30 a.m. crying for mommy! I found him and put him back in bed and he was fine after that. I wonder if I should have him tested for sleep walking.)

  • Lists, charts and calendars. I could schedule, list and mark off charts all day! I love to know what's going on even if it's nothing!

What are some things YOU love??


Tyler and Julia said...

I really, really, REALLY wish I didn't love sweets as much as I do. They often get me into trouble. I don't like hard candy either; in fact, if all the candy in the world was hard I'd be MUCH thinner! LOL. :)

Patty R said...

Oh JaNece, I like most of your list. I am also a fan off sweets except for hard candy. I love chocolate anything. I love your mom's banana chocolate chip cookie recipe, those are my fave..I still make them and everyone loves them!

Christi said...

Awe I love your list. I love just about everything on it. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love Lost too! It is the one show that I will sit and watch and not do anything else. Your list is great!

Jyl said...

You are too cute! I AM SO GLAD THE BOYS SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT ONE NIGHT!!!! Did you drug them with turkey and lavender? LOL! You are too cute, and shhhh dont tell but some days, chocolate comes before my kids! Lets play!

Kimberly said...

What a cute post! The other day I was going through one of my things and found one of the old mix tapes you made me in H.S. You always made the best mixes and had such a great taste in music!

Mindy said...

I love YOU!