Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dumb TV!

So, a few months ago we got rid of DVR and cable. We've been fine without it and any show we miss, we just watch online (thanks I do miss being able to pause and rewind and I am not going to lie, DVR is the BEST. But we all make sacrifices. Well, now our only working TV is not working so I don't even get local channels. I'm so bugged. I can't turn on cartoons in the morning for the kids, and I can't watch the news or A.I. while I make dinner. It doesn't even work with the DVD player, so we can't watch movies in the living room. Or karaoke with Playstation. We don't have money to just go buy the TV we want and we don't want to waste money on a smaller TV just to get by, so next time you see me and I'm grouchy, you'll know why...DUMB TV!! (Here's the PROBLEM: The menu screen will not disappear no matter what button we push. Then just when it does disappear, you turn your back and it pops up again. It never goes away. Ever.)


Patty R said...

Oh poor girl..I can't imagine, what I would do with out TV.

Windy said...

I am sending Cash over, I bet he can figure it out! Man, I would die without my shows...sad but true hahaha