Friday, January 14, 2011

Zoey @ 9 months

Zoey is growing so fast! She has 6 teeth and another one peeking through. She can crawl, roll over, sit up, clap, click her tongue, pull herself up to stand, blow raspberries and giggle (it sounds like I'm describing doggie tricks)! She is such a cutie. She hates her high chair, but as soon as I can get her to taste her food she'll endure sitting in it. She likes to eat what we're eating and trying new things. Her favorite is a stalk of celery. If you try and take it away, she has a death grip on it and she shows her . She smiles when she sees us and is getting better at playing on her own. I still have to hold her most of the time and she is pretty attached to me. I usually get nothing done when she is awake. She loves Wolfie and pets him in her cute way. He tolerates the tugging, pulling and getting sat on. My favorite thing is when I go get her out of her crib. She is standing there waiting for me and gets excited when I open the door. She holds on to me so tight and gives me the biggest hug. She is getting her spunky little personality already and I can tell she is going to be trouble, in that sweet, "what did I do" way. We all love her dearly. Max loves to smother her with hugs and kisses. He will pick her up and bring her to me (even when I don't ask or know) and I have to constantly tell him to back off and give her space. Lukas is great with her and she likes to play with him. We have so much fun picking out her outfits and doing her hair. She is waking up more at night, so it's been hard letting her cry it out. But she is learning and will go down easier now. She is attached to her blankie (white and black fuzzy) and when she sees it she buries her face in it. She never did like a binkie, but can't live without her blankie!! What a joy she is in our life. We love watching her grow and this is the funnest stage.


Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

Zoey is the cutest ever can I have her

Sierra said...

Oh my gosh she's so sweet!! Please send her to me!!

Windy said...

We all love Zoey here too...she is pretty darn precious!! I cannot believe how fast they grow!! All your cute kids are so precious!! But look at their momma! You are one amazing momma!!