Sunday, March 1, 2009

Max cracks me up. He is at the cutest age. He talks a lot, and has his own vocabulary. Every day he makes me smile and I seriously want to eat him up. I don't want him to get big. I know it's inevitable, so I'll just keep track of all the cute things he does...

  • Every time I wear a certain necklace, he'll touch it and say, "It looks like...ahhh...jelly buns". (In Max language jelly buns= jelly beans) Then he'll throw his head back and laugh hysterically. This happens 20 times in a row and never gets old.
  • If I lay down with him for nap time, he'll get mad at me for laying so close and say, "Scoop over, mommy!"
  • We were at Target the other day and he picked up a glass globe and said as he handed it carefully to me, "This is beautiful."
  • Sometimes Pat and I tease Max and say something like, "You're my silly billy". Max will pout and say, "My name is Max. Don't call me names." Like he's so offended we called him something besides Max.
  • He loves to sit in Lukas' big boy car seat.
  • The kid does not know how to whisper and he practically shouts when he talks to other people. It's especially embarrassing at church...
  • If I ask him where daddy is he'll say, "Daddy's not here. He's at school." Which is always true!
  • He makes the best sound effects and actions for Spiderman, Buzz or any other superhero. (Notice the Buzz action in the picture.)


Christi said...

Awwww...he's doing so many cute things. How can you get mad at someone so cute?

Mindy said...

He IS so cute. I love the funny things he says. He's going to love hearing about them someday so I'm so glad you're recording them!!

Patty R said...

I love this little guy!