Thursday, January 31, 2008


Living in Utah makes it hard to find missionary opportunities. People at the grocery store are talking about their bishop or you go to Walmart and hear people talk about what their ward is doing for an activity. The gospel is everywhere here in Happy Valley, which is good in a lot of ways, but it certainly lacks the diversity that the real world offers. I served my mission in New Jersey (10 years ago, can you belive it's been that long?!!) and it was so cool to have a missionary moment last night. The Elders asked to have a discussion at our house. It went well. First off, everyone was on time and everyone showed up! (Most of my investigators would cancel or forget or change their mind, and it was rare that we could teach in a member's home). Anyway, we met Rudy and his wife, Kim, and they were so nice. Kim is a member, but just hasn't gone to church in a long time. She is happy for Rudy for wanting to take the discussions and it's helping her come back, as well. Anyway, everything that we talked about tonight Rudy was so accepting of and willing to commit to (law of chastity, reading scriptures, coming to church, paying tithing). And he's getting baptized on Feb. 10th. He has a few concerns, but how cool to see his excitement and desire to want to be better and find the truth. Sometimes it's interesting to look from someone else's perspective at the gospel and what we believe. I just read back what I wrote and I feel like I'm writing in my missionary journal again! Cheeesy! But I really am happy to be a part of someone's conversion. I'll keep you posted on Rudy! We're taking him to church with us on Sunday!


Alison said...

That is so awesome JaNece! We had the missionaries in our home on Tuesday night and it was really neat to hear them preaching and to feel the spirit because of their message. My parents were just called to serve as mission president (and wife) and so our family is getting very excited about missionary work! :o)

Kenna said...

You are so amazing! What an example to everyone. . .especially me! i've been a delinquent at church until just recently, and I know how much having a friends, or just anyone's, support really helps. I have a lot to learn from you!

PS I'm doing Activity Days now too, so PLEASE send your ideas my way!!