Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Week Gone By

I can't believe it! This week went so fast! And what do I have to show for it...Let me share:
  • Lukas (my picky eater) ate his peas and LIKED them!
  • We went to the movies with the Norton's (and took the kids with us-BIG MISTAKE) and a lady actually walked up to me and yelled and said my baby was being too loud—it was actually Lukas she was referring to (Max was being good at the moment). Lukas was just running around, he wasn’t even being noisy! RUDE! And it was a matinee w/ only 10 other people in the theatre.
  • I took over Lukas’ old room and now it’s MINE. Hello crafts!
  • Every night I have tried and failed at getting Lukas to stay in his bed all night. And I've been very grouchy because of it. Argh!!!
  • After a couple of very rough nights with the boys, Pat got a babysitter (his momma) and took me out for a date. It was much needed. Thanks babe!
  • My friend Emily and I have started a Girl's Day--every Tuesday we get to hang out and do something fun. It's our playdate...not for the kids, but for us! This week we exercised together and went to the Quilted Bear! I love girlfriends!!!
  • I actually got my visiting teaching done! YAY!
  • My exercising streak continues! And mostly because we bought a STAIRMASTER! I am so in love with it! We found one cheap cheap cheap on KSL and now we're the proud new owners. It's the best having one in your house to use at your convenience! I am bound and determined to get in shape! I'll have to say my sister inspired me. She got a stairmaster awhile ago and so I had to have one b/c she is the coolest and I always want what she has! Plus, this piece of equipment is my favorite b/c it really kicks my butt and makes me sweat!
  • My calling is "Activity Days" for primary. It's for the girls 8-12 years old. We get together every other week and we do activities so they can earn their "Faith In God" award. It's really fun and this week we had a dental assistant come talk to us.
  • It's Potty Time! I love it and I hate it, but I got so sick of changing Lukas' diapers that I told him, "NO MORE! It's time to do it yourself!" I gave him his pull-ups and a box of Kandoo wipes, a potty book w/ flushable noises and showed him what to do. We don't call it potty-training, we just say he's learning how to change his diapers. He hates being potty trained. This is actually working. He has his little routine, and even though he still goes in his diaper, he takes care of it himself. Eventually I think he'll figure out that he needs to stop going in his diaper and start going in the potty, but for now, this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE step forward. (sorry if this is too much detail for those of you w/out kids...)


Alison said...

I love your list!! Way to go on getting the stairmaster! Can't beat an investment that will better yourself! Sorry about that grumpy lady at the movies. What movie were you watching? I LOVE what you are doing with Lukas and the diaper/potty training!! Too funny that he has to 'change his own diapers!'

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

What a fun week! I have thought about trying to do a "girls night out" for the past few weekends, but sick kids have been standing in the way at any hope of it actually happening. :) I have taken Polly to the Kid's Matinee at the District & no one has ever yelled at me because the theater is full of everyone else's loud kids, too! Congratulations on Lukas! I say that any improvement is great & am not looking forward to potty training when the time comes...which will be soon!

mwaymo said...

Good potty training idea! I might try it, I told Rex no more diapers this week, it lasted a couple of days, then Mark ruined it. :( Oh well.

Patty R said...

Nice list, sounds like you guys where busy this week :) That's awesome that you got the stairmaster, I wish I had one too. I can't believe the lady at the movies, why can't everyone be nice, lol. Lukas is such a big boy, good job on the potty training.

Tyler & Julia Andersen Family said...

I must say also, that I get so angry with rude people, especially when they're being rude in regards to children. Sorry about that. I may need your advice when it's time for me to potty-train our son, because no one else in our family has boys!

Mindy said...

Way to go!!! On potty training and exercising and everything! Geez, I haven't talked to you for a couple of days and look at everything that's happened! Thank goodness for blogs!!!