Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Boys

I know I talk about them a lot, but they consume my life, so that is that. And I love them. Here are a few funny things that happened these last couple of days. Max and I were in my new craft room (!!!) and Lukas was watching cartoons in the loft. He was being so quiet and I kept calling his name to see what he was doing. He never answered, so after a few minutes I grew suspisous that he was up to something, so we went to go check it out. Well, he had taken Max's binkie (sneaky) and had fallen asleep standing up...well, his head was laying down on his little rice heating bag. Poor fellah! He never takes naps anymore, so for him to fall alseep on his own, standing up, in the middle of the day, he must've been really tired.
Tonight when we were getting the kids ready for their bath, I was downstairs doing laundry and Pat was (I thought) getting them ready for the bath. I heard Max cry and went by the bathroom...he had fallen in with is clothes on! He was so upset. Lukas was trying to help him, but he was just so sad. It was cute and pathetic and funny! Pat had run to get something and that's when Max fell in. I'm so glad he was just wet and not hurt or something.
Then, the other night I was helping the kids get to bed and I read to them and then tuck them in and sing some little primary songs or church songs to help them fall asleep. I ran downstairs to get something for them and I could hear Lukas in the baby monitor singing "I Am A Child Of God" to Max. It was so cute. I think I read about Michelle's Rex doing the same thing. It is so sweet to hear that! I tried to catch it on video, but they discovered me and it was all over! They really do love sharing a room and being close. I hear them giggle sometimes and they make each other laugh. I love that.
One more thing about Max...He started saying "mmeeeee" and "Ta dah". Like I'll ask, "Who wants to go to the store with mommy?" and Lukas will say, "Meeeee" and then Max will chime in "meeee". It is the cutest thing ever! And one night we were driving home and the kids were in the back saying, "dah da daaaaaaaaaaaa" like "ta dah", but the extended version. They seriously repeated it the whole way home (and we were in the car for 30 minutes). I think Lukas actually fell asleep and Max just kept going all the way home. I put Lukas in bed and he sort of woke up and said, "ta dah" and then fell asleep again. And then Max was in his crib for several more minutes saying it over and over until he fell asleep. They crack me up!


Patty R said...

This is so sweet, Lukas is pretty sneaky, using Max's binky,lol. I love that the boys get along so well, it's the cutest thing. I love them ;)

Alison said...

What cute stories! I love the one about Lukas falling asleep standing up & that picture of Max in the tub fully clothed!

mwaymo said...

That is too cute! LOVE when they sing!