Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The past couple of weeks have just gone by and what do we have to show for it? There are some days that are so busy, but then someone asks, "what did you do today" and you think...I HAVE NO IDEA!! That is us lately. Not that I'm complaining. Lukas is back in preschool and things are back to our routine. It's hard to want to do much because it's so cold here. I don't like snow I've decided. I like it for Christmas and to play in every once in awhile, but I don't like the salted streets and having to shovel our walk or get the car heated up to go to the grocery store. Guess I should embrace it and roll with the punches. I've been worried about Lukas lately. It seems to me that he is having anxiety issues. He doesn't like it when I have to leave him at preschool or for sunbeams. He cries and throws a huge fit when I leave him. Eventually he's fine, but I thought he had outgrown this phase. And every night he complains about monsters in his closet and under the bed. We do the whole "monster spray" thing and I do my best to comfort him (leave a light on, tuck him in, read him stories, sing songs, happy thoughts), but he inevitabley wakes up during the night and comes tearing into our room, scared. Then we're so tired, we just let him sleep with us, which means I get NO room b/c he has to sleep so close to me and Pat sort of takes up the whole bed anyway. I ended up on the couch last night b/c there was just no room. I don't know what else to do for Lukas. I don't know if it's normal, or if Lukas is really having anxiety about something. If anyone else has gone through this and has helpful hints, PLEASE help!! Other than this phase that Lukas is going through, life seems to be pretty good. I forgot to mention that Max had quite the fall last week. He was just walking and fell right on the corner of the coffee table. I didn't think it was that bad, but the cut was pretty deep. We thought about taking him in to get stitches, but it was small and so we mended it with TLC and a butterfly bandaid. He is doing better, but got quite the shiner. He's a tough kid. Then that same day, Lukas bumped into Max and he fell onto something and cut up his chin. It was not his day. He's fine now, though.


mwaymo said...

I don't know Janece, Rex doesn't have problems with me leaving him, but he does sometimes get scared at night. The other day I heard him just sobbing in his room, don't know if he was too afraid to get out of bed or what. It's so sad to see your child feeling that way so all I can say is HUGS!

Kimberly said...

I can totally relate! Taylor still does this, occasionally! It started when she was three and she still insists that I don't leave her downstairs alone, and hates it when she experiences change, such as a new primary teacher, etc. She also would wake up a lot during night and Devon would end up in her room sleeping on her floor. I have to say, sometimes she seems like she has moved on from this phase and then it will start all over again. Anxiety and Panic attacks run in Devon's family...I asked the pediatrician about it and he doesn't think it can start at such an early age, but I seriously have my doubts. It sounds like you are doing all you can right now...this stage will pass...you're a great mom!

Shay said...

Welcome to my world! I feel your pain. Trejan has a lot of anxiety! He hasn't slept through the night since he was about 2. My husband and I are so exhausted. I counted one night of him getting up 8 times. (we don't let him sleep with us...which I know might help) I just made a sticker chart and when he stayed in his bed he would get a reward. I am shocked to say that it worked! We went bowling the other night as his reward. I'm not sure if Lukas would get the idea of a sticker chart, but it might be worth a try. Like my mother-in-law says, this is a stage and won't last forever, but I think this has been the longest stage ever! Good Luck and maybe saying a prayer might help too. The only person that knows Lukas the best is Heavenly Father!

Heather Ford said...

Sophie has had both of these problems. She got over her monsters when she started sharing her room with Peter. They are seperate again now and she seems fine. But at the time, we kept a special sleeping bag by our bed for her to sleep in at night. That kept her happy, and me comfy in bed - although I would have to hold her hand in the night till she fell asleep.
And she had problems with seperation in nursery, sunbeams, and preschool. When she moved up to CTR 5 this year all of that changed, over night. We didn't do anything different - but she is a new girl. I am amazed. But it was a struggle, every time. It took love and encouragement every time, and sometimes I'd have to leave her in tears, knowing she'd be ok in a few minutes after I was gone.
This was some really long advice, sorry - but I hope it helps. Good luck, and it'll all work out.