Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Fever

What a beautiful day today! I am really feeling the spring fever after the nice weather we had today. The kids were so good and played outside while I organized the garage and cleaned it up a bit. (Max followed Lukas around wherever he went and ate whatever snow he could find, and Lukas was sweeping the snow onto the driveway.) A winters worth of dirt has dripped off the cars onto the ground. And things get piled up to the sky it seems when it's cold and you don't want to worry about where it goes. So I am happy to say the garage looks a lot better. And we are getting our basement framed and there was stuff everywhere down there, so I tackled that little project and now things are in tip top shape there. I also went through some of the boys clothes to see what I could give to D.I. and what I wanted to hold onto. We even got really brave and went in the backyard--we haven't been back there since summer. It's amazing that most of the snow has melted. Lukas and Max had so much fun playing in the sand box. If you notice in the sanbox picture, Lukas put his coat on upside down! It made me laugh, but he insisted it be left that way... I can't wait for nice weather to be the norm so they can get out every day. I think I spent most of my day outside in the garage or in the backyard. I can hardly wait to have spring here for good!! It was quite a "spring cleaning" day for me b/c I also vacuumed out my car (it was beginning to smell like a dog had lived in there...eeewww!) and put together some lawn furniture we got for Christmas! Something about the sunshine makes me want to be active again!


Tyler & Julia Andersen Family said...

I am SO ready for spring I can hardly stand it. Spring is when you can have even MORE fun with your family. I really hope we don't get ANY MORE snow!

Alison said...

This sounds like the perfect day! I'm so glad you guys had such a productive day!!