Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lukas- 3 1/2

Lukas is getting big in so many ways...he can use the computer mouse to navigate through his favorite "Winnie the Pooh" game, he can get himself dressed and put his own shoes on (velcro, of course), he can brush his own teeth (although rarely does unless heavily prompted), can count to ten in spanish, can use scissors to cut multiple things and leave tiny pieces of paper everywhere, he can operate the DVD player to play his favorite movie, he can reach in the freezer and find himself a popsicle, or grab a snack out of the pantry, he can walk up to the door for preschool w/out me and knock on the door, he can go to Sunbeams w/out crying, he can say the funniest things ("hey big butt (to Pat) are you gettin' in the shower?" or "wow, that was so cool"), he can share and help Max with his toys, he can clean up the toy room and put the toys in the right place, he can sing & dance his heart out, he can say sorry and mean it, he can say thank you and be so polite ("Thank you so much for getting me oatmeal, mom. That was so nice"), he can wash his own hands, or put his puzzles together or paint or color all by himself. * * * And then I wonder if he'll ever grow out of...screaming, crying, whining and throwing a complete fit when he doesn't get what he wants, still wearing those darn diapers, stealing Max's binkie for himself, not sharing with Max and pushing him away, coming into my room in the middle of the night to squeeze between Pat and I, eating so many sweets and wanting treats all the time ("so what treat can I have?" "what treat do you have for me?"), getting so hyper and O.O.C. (Out Of Control) when we're at the grocery store or shopping somewhere that I am mad at myself for bringing him, not being able to handle it when the answer is "no", saying things in his "sassy" talk-back tone, or being the pickiest eater and not eating his dinner unless I make sure it gets in his mouth. But then again, he is just 3. And I love him just the same.


Alison said...

You had me so worried the first half of this post with how great your little guy is. My almost 7 year old isn't that great (most of the time). I was so glad when you mentioned all the 'kid' stuff he still does! Whew! He's a cutie and you are so awesome to recognize the great stuff about him amidst the 'other' stuff too! You're an awesome mom!

Patty R said...

Lukas is a such a smart little kid, you're a great mom;)

mwaymo said...

Thank you for dealing with a 3 year old in diapers with me!! I swear if I hear of 1 more 2 year old who is pottytrained I am going to have a meltdown!