Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jazz vs. New Orleans

Last night for FHE, we took Trax to Downtown SLC and went to a Jazz game. It was really fun to be there, even though were were only 3 rows from the top. Talk about nosebleed... We had fun being together and cheering on Pat's favorite team. And to top it off, the Jazz won!! The boys loved it. Especially Max. He would dance anytime the loud music would come on. I would much rather be at a game, then watch it at home. Go Jazz!


Patty R said...

Sounds like an awesome time! I love going to Jazz games, it's exciting being there.

Tyler & Julia Andersen Family said...

Tyler & I LOVE the Jazz, too. We went to a game at the end of December, when they played the Boston Celtics. We were able to say hi to Thurl Bailey while we were there, and even though the Energy Solutions Arena does get VERY loud, it is really exciting to be right there in the midst of all the action!

Shay said...

So cute! I love going to NBA games...it's so much fun for the kids! Go Celtics!! :)