Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

It's a little late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's been a busy time getting things ready, but it has been a magical Christmas and so much fun. The boys have been playing together more (and fighting more actually) and Pat finished his finals and has been home more. I love that we get to do nice things for people and think of the Savior more. We had a fun time with the Mendoza side of the family, eating and singing and staying up 'til midnight on Christmas eve. We spent Christmas afternoon with my side of the family eating, doing the nativity (so cute) and sharing gifts. Mostly I have loved watching the excitement and joy in Lukas and Max's face as they help put up Christmas decorations or shop for gifts for each other or make cookies or doing "Secret Silent Night". And waking up Christmas morning to see their eyes light up and see the gifts that Santa brought! Although I must say I'm sad that I can't use the "Santa won't bring you gifts if you're naughty" threat anymore. It's been a fun holiday and I'm sad it's already over!!


Windy said...

Oh what a cute family pic. Yes, I am sad it is over. I love all those things too. I am also said I can no longer call Santa and tell him no gifts when the kids fight or act naughty...shoot. Easter bunny? haha

Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

secret silent night is the cutest thing ever I love your kiddos!!!!

Emily*Scott*Logan said...

What a nice holiday, I love seeing happy faces on Christmas morning too... :) It's been so long since we have seen you. Glad to hear you are doing well. Happy New Years!

Jenny May said...

Such a cute family photo JaNece..
I love Christmas time.
Next year I am determined to do a family
photo and will have more reason to do one.
Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas..
It is too bad the "Santa leverage" does not
work year round!! :)

Roth Family said...

Cute family picture. It seems like Christmas gets quicker and quicker every year. So sad:( I hope we can get together soon!

Tyler and Julia said...

CUTE! Is it just me, or are both Lukas & Max smiling pretty much the exact same way? What a darling family! :) I too am sad that Christmas has already come & gone. Thank goodness it will come again year after year. :)