Monday, December 22, 2008

The boys have been doing so much lately. And they crack me up:
  • Lukas noticed that the Santa at preschool and the Santa at the mall look different! Uh oh!
  • Max's favorite thing to say is "poop" after everything. (Twinkle twinkle little poop!)
  • Pat came in my craft room to sew on a button before church, and Lukas saw him in there and said, with a surprised look on his face, "Dad, I didn't know you knew how to craft!"
  • Max came to R.S. with me on Sunday b/c he fell asleep and was so tired, so I just held him. A little girl walked by him and wanted to hand him a toy. He kicked his foot out at her and said, "Go away!"
  • Lukas came to me one day and said, "Mom, can we make gingerbread cookies and popcorn ball Christmas tree ornaments?" It made me wonder who he's been hanging around with, Martha Stewart?!
  • Max desperatley needs a hair cut. His hair is hanging in his eyes and he brushes it aside with his arm all day. When I ask him if I can cut his hair, he starts to shake his head really fast and runs away. I guess he'll just have long hair!
  • We were playing Perudo (a game with lots of dice and cups) and Max plays with us and his answer is always "I have two sixes"!
  • Max will ask a question and then repeat the answer, like so; Max-"What happened to your thumb?" My answer- "I got an owie". Max- "Oh, you got an owie". Or, "Where's Lukas?" Me-"He's downstairs watching cartoons". Max-"Oh, he's watching cartoons."
  • The boys love to be naked and will run around and say "NAKED-ee".
  • Lukas nightly routine consists of helping Max into his PJ's and brushing his teeth. It's so cute how he helps him.
  • They boys will start singing, "It's toooo 'poligize" and we were singing along with our singstar on PS2 and Max kept singing, "Got much back". Hmmm, we need to be careful what we sing! haha
  • Every year we do the 12 days to someone in our neighborhood. Lukas calls it "Secret Silent Night". So cute!!!!!
  • Pat and I stayed up late one night to catch up on cleaning our dirty house. In the morning, Lukas said, "Did Santa come to clean the house?"


Patty R said...

This is hilarious, I love it!

Tyler and Julia said...

TOO CUTE!! Your boys have such darling personalities. My favorites are when Lukas said that he didn't know Pat knew how to craft, and when he calls the "12 Days of Christmas" thing "Secret Silent Night". Maybe you should call it that from now on! :)

Jyl said...

Janece... I havent checked your blog in way too long... sheesh what kind if friend am i? K your boyz little sayings are way too cute, and even cuter that Lukas thinks santa cleans house? If only! Ok I am going to leave comments for all the missed posts... Just to make it up to you, that I suck!

Jen said...

So cute. You are smart to record their cute moments. We never want to forget them.