Monday, September 12, 2011

Mr. Max

Max is getting so big and I haven't really updated what he's been up to. He is almost 5. With his new haircut everyone mistakes him for Lukas. He has quite the memory and can practically repeat word for word any commercial on TV (like OxyClean, Game Fly, and a half a dozen As Seen On TV products). He has a sweet side to him-he likes to snuggle with me, he'll share his blanket or carry something in from the car, give Zoey hugs (BIG time, non-releasing squeezes), have good manners, and he is a great helper when it comes to wiping off the kitchen table. He DOES NOT like to be the focus of attention or to be called anything other than Max. One day he said I could call him Officer Max (he wants to be a cop when he grows up), but if you try to call him handsome or cutie forget it!! He starts preschool next month, so he's been kind of bored at home with Lukas gone all day. He was in Karate for a few months and did really good. We're taking a break so he can be in soccer (which he is actually excited about). He loves having friends come play and every day he asks me, "Mom, what friend can I have come play?" He struggles to keep his hands to himself and sometimes lets his impulses get the best of him. But he's growing out of his "aggressive" stage and starting to make better choices. He is a lover and wants attention and affection. I'm so happy I get to spend more time with him. (I will find a better picture than this! :)

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Me in a nut shell said...

Your boys are so cute! It is really hard when they change and go through new fazes... I keep telling Aviylnn to never grow up, since she is my last.. I bet you are doing the same!