Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lukas' New Room

Despite my best efforts to get the boys to share and get along, Lukas has decided that he wants his own space. We took all the toys out of the spare room downstairs and moved his stuff in. It was quite an ordeal. Separating toys and dividing clothes. (They almost wear the same size, so I would just buy for them to share. Big mistake.) We've had some flooding in the basement, so Pat and I took a couple of days to fix the carpet and repair the damage. FINALLY, Lukas' room is complete. We found a cute bedspread online and a bed on KSL. I was really surprised that he wanted to be all by himself in the basement. He does great and loves that he gets his own bathroom. So independent.

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Tyler and Julia said...

Wow, good for him for not minding being in his own room! I can't believe how grown up he is. Sorry to hear about your flooding damage! That must've been awful. :( Looks like you guys are doing well! We miss you all! We don't ever see a for sale sign in someone's yard without thinking of you guys, since Pat's the one who helped us find the home of our dreams! :)