Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scissor Happy

I wondered if this would ever happen. Max found out how fun it is to use scissors on hair. I found piles of hair all over the kids craft room one day and immediately ran to Zoey to see the damage. I didn't see any and judging on the length of the hair piles I was finding it had to be Max. He denied it, of course. I searched his head and found where he chopped. Then upon closer examination, there were several short spots on Zoey, too. I was so sad. The damage was minimal however, and I didn't see the point of yelling or making a big deal. I just told Max how sad I was and that he wasn't allowed to have scissors for a while. Well, after a bath one night I noticed a HUGE chunk of hair missing right in front of Max's head. Low and behold he had done it again, this time just to himself. This time obvious and very noticeable. I trimmed up the rest of his hair so it didn't look so terrible, but it is still sad. He has the best hair of anyone in the family. I guess we all did this as kids at some point. Mine was because I went to bed with gum and it ended up in my hair and so had to be cut out. Although I'm pretty sure I chopped off some of my own hair, too. I'll have to search my scrapbooks to find proof. **UPDATE** Since I posted this, Max has yet again taken the scissors to his own hair. This time right in the middle of his bangs. It left me no choice, but to get his hair cut. It's short, but longer on top for a that faux hawk look. It's adorable, and he looks so much like Lukas. He is banned from scissors for the rest of his life. :(


Jyl said...

oh shoot~ My little guy just did that too :( Im so sorry! But you all still look beautiful!

Miss Becky and Miss Brendy said...

Hope you don't mind me keeping tabs on Max through your blog! I saw it on Brendy's side bar and wanted to keep up with him! Max totally has great hair, and the good thing is that it will grow back! I had the same problem with gum when I was little, too! A whole lot of peanut butter later and probably a few snips, my head was finally unstuck from the pillow! Give Max a squeeze for me! I sure miss him!