Friday, July 29, 2011

My Little Miss Zoey (almost 16 months)

I haven't written about Zoey for the past couple months, and man is she CUTE! She has such a personality and knows just what she wants. When she is walking around the house, she usually has one hand on her hip and has the cutest run. She slaps her feet down so hard, you can hear her coming a mile away. She says so many words, or at least sounds like words. Dada, is her favorite, mama, pepsi, good night, good morning, milk, candy, no no, bye bye, eat, poop. She knows who we all are and will give us "loves" on demand. (Give Dada loves. Give Wolfie loves.) She even lets Max hug her and she'll go sit on his lap if he is sitting still long enough. She still doesn't like her hair to be combed. She eats everything and drops pieces of it on the floor for Wolfie. She loves her blankie more than anything and has to carry and drag it everywhere. She will wrap herself up in it and just walk around. She takes great naps and will often times sleep in til 10 if we don't have to be up for anything. She gets into things and will make a mess faster than I can catch her. She likes to carry her purse and knows just how to do it. She mimics me when I'm doing something, like putting on make up or wiping the counter or sweeping the floor. She is getting more independent, but still likes to be held by me or Pat. She loves Nana and will go to her freely. She also loves several of my friends. She is quite stubborn and will not give up until she gets what she wants, usually with tantrums or screaming or pulling. She loves baby dolls and baby strollers. She'll steal her friend's and push it all around. When I'm making food in the kitchen, she gets excited if she hears the snow cone maker on or the popcorn in the microwave. She thinks she is a big kid and loves running with all the neighborhood kids and being where they are. Or if we are laughing, she'll start laughing like she gets what we're talking about. It's so funny. The boys love her so much and always want to help her or pick her up. She is such a joy and usually always happy.

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Dibble's said...

JaNece! She is so stinking cute! I love the pic in the lawn chair, just "chilaxin'! I can not believe how big she is! Miss ya, gal!