Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day of First Grade

Lukas is on year-round school, which means his summer is 3 weeks long. It has gone fast, but we did some fun things! He was excited to start and go all day. His first day went well, he wasn't scared to go and he lasted all day. I put a little note in his backpack to tell him I loved him and hoped he had a good day. The next day, he handed me a similar note and told me if I missed him too much, that I could pull the note out and read it. So cute!!! The hardest adjustment for him is probably that he can't stay up so late since he has to get up so early. There were a few kids that he knew in his class from last year, so that has been fun for him. His teacher is Mrs. Foreman, who is so nice, sweet but firm. He has to learn his lunch code, so he can get hot lunch, and he gets to bring a "sneak a snack" since lunch is so late in the day. He goes from 8:55 to 3:55. It is hard for me to have him gone for so long. With just Max and Zoey at home, we have lots of time to play and get things done (or so I thought...it's still so hard to get things done!)

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