Sunday, August 1, 2010

2nd Annual Neighborhood Campout/BBQ

{One of these times we will find a way to plan and spread the word better instead of just saying, "Hey let's have a neighborhood BBQ today!"...} This was our 2nd Annual Neighborhood Camp-out, which really was just a BBQ {except for Whitney and Windy + kids being the only ones to camp out, troopers!!!}. We are making it a tradition, so if you didn't come this year, plan on it next year!!! There was a lot going on and nothing better than pictures can explain. (Side note: I sat on my bum the whole time then realized I better capture the moment and by then it was dark, so most of the pictures are in the dark and I totally didn't get pictures of the Watsons or Timette or the Howards or Whitney playing games with the kids and my only picture of Laura and family was blurry. Lame. Sorry.)

  • This is the view from my seat.(see picture below)
  • This is the reason I sat on my seat the whole time.
  • Here's the Host/Hostess couple! Thanks Kener's for letting us use your driveway & lawn. :)
  • Here's the "cool" couple
  • Here's the "wannabe cool" couple
  • Here's the lone lonely loner (where did everybody go? you mean you don't want to sit next to a fire pit when it's still 90 degrees out?)
  • Here's the "ladies man"--nice planning Lukas, a card game with all the cute chicks
  • Here's the "Man's Men"
  • Here's the party animals (can I say swingers...not I cannot)
  • Here's the kids trying to be next to the cool man (are we sensing a trend here? If you want to be cool, invite Matt!)
  • And here's what happens when Max's face fights with the concrete!!! (Poor Max. No stitches this time, just a fat black eye!)


Windy said...

oh my heavens your pictures are so so cute and funny!! hahah it was such a fun night! you captured the moments! poor Max his eye looks so sore.

Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

We know how to have a good time but yeah we have to be better at getting the word out there!!!

Chelsea said...

Sorry we missed it!! We already had plans that night, but it looks like you guys had fun!!

Christi said...

I don't think Max has ever escaped an event without injury. Poor guy.