Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What a Day!

This has been a much anticipated day...Lukas' first day of kindergarten!! I wondered if I had done enough to prepare him. Will kids be nice to him? Will he be nice? Will he listen to his teacher? Too many things go through my head. He is in afternoon kindergarten so we had all morning to get ready. He was more interested in watching cartoons than picking out what he was going to wear. He looked cute anyway and FINALLY the time came to take him. I was more anxious than he was. He was excited, but mellow, which is not at all like him. He didn't know anybody in his class and felt a little shy standing there on the playground with all those other kids. But he did great and lined up with his class to go in. I waved with my camera and off he went. No tears, no hug, no problem. I was expecting tears and hugs and this heart wrenching moment. Not so much. I didn't know what it would feel like to send my first off to school. I was sad, happy, excited, nervous, anxious. Then I'm thinking that Max and I would do some fun things together with time away from Lukas. Instead he had a huge tantrum moment and spent most of his time with me in time out. SAD!! I picked up Lukas from school and he said he had a good time, that he loved it and couldn't wait to come back tomorrow. YAY! That was a huge relief. I'm so thrilled that he had a good first day. So...thinking I could make this day special I took them to In 'n' Out for dinner. Lukas squirted ketchup all over, Max was out of control, neither of them ate their food. Grrrrr! Finally, I took them to the park as my last attempt to make this day special. They had fun and played until they were too thirsty to play anymore. And we ran into Mandi Smith and her kids there, so at least it ended on a good note. {{ I don't know what I'm going to do with Max and his naughtiness lately. He's been in Time Out at least 3 or 4 times a day. And Lukas has never been so whiney. They fight just watching TV. I mean, how hard is it to sit and watch a show? Well, they find ways to pester each other and fight and call each other names. I am at the end of my rope. I've even had to make them take separate baths. Stinkers. Big Time.}} I think I pictured this day going a lot different so it was a big disappointment when it didn't go as I'd hoped. Thank goodness this day is over and that tomorrow is a new day.


Jenny May McKim said...

yeah for good first days of school!

The twins bug each other all the time already and I do not look forward to when they are older and can verbally bother each other!

Hopefully it gets better as he realizes he can have more mommy time now!

Tyler and Julia said...

I'm so happy Lukas loves school! Aubrey does too & I'm telling ya it really is a HUGE relief. I thought the exact same things as you did on Aubrey's first day. My biggest worry was that she would keep quiet & listen since she can be such a little chatterbox. Ah, such is the life of a mom. I don't think we'll ever stop worrying. :) I can't believe our babies are in Kindergarten now! Where did those years go???

Mindy said...

Hang in there sis. Only 179 more days to go... :)

I'm just still jealous that you have an In N' Out so close to your house... :)

Windy said...

I am sorry I could not help but laugh becuase I totally feel your pain with my girls. Maybe we should just split our kids up with eachother. haha Kids I swear go through that.Janece I would love to watch Zoey so you and Max can have a special day together I am sure it is hard to adjust to not being the baby anymore!! I just want you to know how much I love and admire you. You amaze me. You are an incredibly talented beautiful mother!! I am lucky to know you. Oh and Christmas is coming in 4months I have already used the Santa is watching thing!!:)