Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving from A-Z

I really love this time of year. {Except for all the time it takes to make the big meal vs. the time it takes to eat it!} But eat food we did! Every year we get 2 Thanksgiving dinners! We had a great time at Aunt Lecia's (JaNece's side) and at Jessica's (Pat's side). It is wonderful (and filling) to have both our families close enough to share the day with. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't even get a picture of anything. What was I thinking? (Do you ever feel like you want to leave the camera alone and just enjoy the moment? Then later you're mad for not taking yourself out of the moment to get the picture that will help you remember the special time? UGH!!) Anyway...I feel like we are blessed with so much. I wanted to really sit down and make note of all we have. So, we made a list of all the things we are thankful for from A-Z. Here they are:

  • A- Atonement, Articles of Faith
  • B- Book of Mormon, Baby on the way, bathes, our bodies, beds
  • C- Cars, cash, church, cooking, cancer treatments, cameras
  • D- Dads, doctors, Disneyland, days off
  • E- Earth, Entertainment, Easter, electronics, email
  • F-Family, freedom, food, faith
  • G- Good friends, gifts, GPS
  • H- House, holidays, health, Holy Ghost, hope, hospitals
  • I- Insurance, inspiration, ipods, InstaCare, internet
  • J- Jesus, jobs, Joseph Smith, JaNece
  • K- Kindness, knowledge
  • L- Lukas, love, little brother
  • M- Max, moms, memories, music
  • N- Neighbors, nursing degree, the nursery at church
  • O- Oatmeal, Olive Garden, organization
  • P-Pat, prophet, priesthood, plan of salvation, Peruvian food, primary, preschool, playgroups
  • Q- Quiet moments, quaker oats
  • R- Restored gospel, resurrection, repentance, revelation, real estate
  • S-Scriptures, sacrament, siblings, seasons
  • T- Trials, temples, technology, TV, toilets, toys, time
  • U- Understanding, USA, Utah, Utes, U of U
  • V- Very sweet husband, very cute wife
  • W- Wolfie, wife, water, world, work
  • X- Xmas, eXercise, Xrays
  • Y- Youthfulness, yummy sweets
  • Z- Zimbabwe, Zoos


Christina said...

Wow! So many things to be grateful for, but I have to admit that I was so sure that Jacob and/or Twilight would have definitely made your list! Shocking! :)

Tyler and Julia said...

GREAT list! I especially love that you mentioned Peruvian food. There is nothing like it! :)