Monday, November 9, 2009


Seven things I love about being married to Pat...

  1. He is a big joker. Loves to play tricks on people, make people laugh, entertain people.
  2. He cares about me. He is the first to apologize and make compromises. He does so much because he loves me.
  3. He is such a great dad. He loves the boys and plays with them and spends time with them.
  4. He is motivated, dedicated and determined. Just look at his schedule and all that he gets done, including spend time with us. Plus, he is not satisfied until he gets the results he wants and he won't quit until he gets there. {How else do you think he got me?} :)
  5. He loves the Lord and lives the gospel.
  6. He makes everything more fun.
  7. I know that no matter what he'll be there for me and he is best friend.
Happy 7 year Anniversary to us!


Windy said...

awwweee you two are the cutest! I love being your neighbor!!

Roth Family said...

Congratulations. Time flies doesn't it We are going on 12 years. Crazy how time flies. We HAVE to get together soon!

Tyler and Julia said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! It's hard to believe how fast time passes us by. Tyler & I will be celebrating our 7-year anniversary in February & it's amazing to me. You're both so great & we love you both!

Patty R said...

How sweet! Happy Anniversary