Monday, January 5, 2009

Some funny things that Lukas & Max said lately...

  • Lukas was in the bathroom washing his hands and he asked me, "Mommy, what day is it?" And I said, "It's Sunday, we have church today." Lukas said, "So, what's the game plan?"
  • Our poor fish Simon is not doing well, and I was sure he wouldn't make it through the night, so I was preparing the kids for his death. In the morning I woke up to find Simon alive and well. I said, "Lukas, come see Simon. He's still alive." And Lukas replied, "I'm so surprised!" Then Max chimes in, "Simon died."
  • Lukas' new primary teacher's name is Sister MacDonald. He came home from church and said, "Sister Old McDonald has a baby. She's funny, she tried to get my feet." (He also refers to McDonalds as Old McDonalds--guess the farm song really stuck with him.)
  • Max loves to say "I tooted" or "I burped". Gotta love boys.
  • I put a gate up in the boys room to keep Max in his bed at night, but he pushed his little bookcase over so he could climb over it and he said, "I moved the shelf. I strong like Hulk." (I don't know how he even knows about Hulk...?)


Tyler and Julia said...

How FUNNY!! Sometimes it can feel like a sporting event when it comes to hearding little kids off to church on Sundays (lol). Aubrey calls "McDonald's" "Old McDonalds" too. It's funny how they think that the fast food place somehow ties into the "Old McDonald Had a Farm" song. You're so smart to record all of these things, because it's amazing how much I've forgotten about what our kids have said & done. Thank goodness for blogging! :)

Jenny May said...

"Old McDonalds"... that is too funny.
I love when kids say such cute things..
Trying to figure out the sentences in their
little minds..
It is such a fun part of watching them
grow up..

Windy said...

Haha so funny Janece! I love your boys! What smarties! You have your hands full that is for sure. Clever little max...being the hulk

Heather Ford said...

I love 'so, what's the game plan?' that is so cute!
I love the way our kids parrot everything we say without us even realizing it!!