Thursday, October 16, 2008

What was I thinking???

I, being the over-ambitious mom that I think I am, decided Max was ready for a toddler bed. He loves laying in Lukas' big boy bed and he's always trying to escape his crib. So the other day I busted out the little bed and took down the crib. He was very excited jumping on his new bed. Now, naptime was another story. He would not stay down and I finally just had to close the door and say "night, night". I could hear him playing, and eventually went to check on him to find him fast asleep on his little bed. :) It's so cute. Bedtime is a bigger challenge b/c he shares a room with Lukas and they keep each other up. Why couldn't I just let Max stay in his little cage?? Yikes.

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Bkay said...

I was almost tempted to put Kalli Kay into a big girl bed, but I realized that the cage is just makes life so much easier!