Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Update

It's been over a week since I posted. We've been busy doing our normal things: going to the library, playing at the playground, taking care of business, riding bikes and working in the craft room while the kids watch Noggin or their new favorite movie, Night at the Museum. (I think Lukas has most of it down and can quote it for you.) Here are some highlights from the week:
  • The boys room had an awful smell to it, so Pat and I used our noses to investigate and we found the source...a sippy cup with milk in it that had slipped behind Lukas mattress. And leaked. It was the foulest smell you can imagine and it was HARD to get out. Thanks to vinegar and febreeze, we're back to smelling fresh and clean.
  • Lukas took some of his bday money to buy a TNMT action figure (mini), a box of Whoppers and a Kung Fu Panda mylar balloon. It's funny to see what they spend their money on.
  • We got to go with Pat to IMC where he does his clinicals (he had paperwork to p.u.) and we ate at the awesome cafeteria there.
  • The boys played in the rain.
  • We had a picnic in my craft room, thanks to Lukas. Mmmm, nothing tastes better than a plastic sandwich and ice cream.
  • We got to go to Gma's house for dinner one night. (The kids love to play with their cousins there).
  • We finally cleaned our nasty carpets and they look brand new! (We'll see for how long!)


Jyl said...

I HATE WHEN I FIND SIPPY CUPS OR BOTTLES THAT HAVE SNUCK UNDER PLACES! hahahah. good sniffing! Sounds like a busy week!

Tyler and Julia said...

Ah, the joys of finding out when there are stinky things in your house! I've noticed ever since my kids have been born that my sense of smell as become even stronger than it's ever been, and at times like this I can see why! I'll have to call you & ask you how the vinegar/Febreeze trick works when I need it! :)

Christi said...

Oh no! I've been looking for Dalyla's missing sippy cup for a week. It had juice in it so I'm not worried about the smell as much as I am about the stain it could leave on my carpet. I may be calling on you and Pat to help me clean my carpets. LOL

Windy said...

Haha one too many times have I found a rotten sippy or bottle that had either rolled under the bed, couch or in the car. Too funny. I love looking at your blog. You are great about keeping it updated!