Monday, September 1, 2008


September is here! I just LOVE the fall. I get excited thinking about it and waiting for it. I love the golden colors and the smells of pumpkin and spices. The cool weather is perfect. I love it in every way. I want it to last longer and I wish it never ended. So, thank you September for giving me a taste of what is coming!


Jen said...

I am excited for fall too, but I am busting up about your post on Lucas. He looks darling. I have had the same issue at my house, but I am slowly learning to pick my battles. People know when they see a cute little boy in his pajama top, that he simply has a loving, patient mom!

Mindy said...

Did you take this picture? It's beautiful!!! I'm so jealous of your seasons... We're finally getting some hot weather but the kids are in school now! Ugh. Fall is my favorite too. And then winter. And then spring. And then summer. :)

Tyler and Julia said...

I've decided that Tyler & I could never live outside of Utah, because I love the 4 changing seasons too much. I too am excited for fall! I love the orange, red & brown colors of the leaves, I have the urge to make pumpkin cupcakes, and I LOVE fall decorations. I've already bought some new little scarecrows! :)

Villarreal's said...

I am right there with ya sista! It's my favorite time of the year.

Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

I love this tima of year to!! We need to go up in the mountains and take some fun pics with your camera!!!

Patty R said...

I love fall too, it's my favorite season, I love all the changes. I'm also excited because it's football season--I know I'm a weird, lol.

Jenny May said...

You've never truly experienced the Fall colours
until you make your way over to Eastern Canada..
I agree with you though, fall is my favourite
season too...
I love the cool crisp in the air in the mornings..

I remember the fun Halloween Packages your
mother used to send when we were in college.

We are hosting a Halloween Party this year..
Too far you are too far away to come.
Need a good couples costume idea though..
Any hints????

Jyl said...

oh I love the fall also, but for a totally different reason than you... because I get to wear sweaters and baggy warm clothes that cover my baby bearing rolls... hahah.