Saturday, September 20, 2008

Life's Mysteries

Does anyone really have answers to these questions?

  • Why make the bed in the morning? What's the point? We're just going to sleep in it again anyway. (This is Pat's argument).
  • Why do I try so hard to keep the house clean during the day...when I should just leave it for the end of the day. That way I clean it up ONCE, not four times.
  • Why try so hard to make a good lunch for my kids, when they pick at it and don't eat?
  • Why do I always have to have a treat after dinner? I'm addicted to sweets.
  • Why is it that when "mom" leaves the kids with dad, she has to leave instructions on food/clothing/nap schedules for "dad", but when dad leaves, he doesn't think twice about what will happen with the kids?
  • Why is blogging so fun and addicting?
  • Why to we let gas prices get so high? I mean, c'mon. Get some U.S. oil already!
  • Why do I let my kids get away with murder while I'm on the phone?
  • Why is it so hard to keep the sink dish free? I mean, the dishwasher is right there!
  • Why do I cry at commercials?
  • Why do I have to change my hair color/style monthly (it seems)?
  • Why does it make me crazy to let the kids toy room get messy and I start cleaning it up even before the kids are done playing?
  • Why do we bring our kids with us when we want to eat out?
  • Why is it that no matter what time church starts, we're always 5 minutes late?
  • Why do I LOVE watching reruns of The Office? I swear, Dwight is the most hilarious character ever and I swear I'm living a separate romance vicariously through Pam.

Here are some things that I are easy to answer:

  • What is it about Max that makes me melt? Hmmm, the curly hair, the cute dark eyes, the little lisp when he says his "s"s, his chubby hands and they way he tackles me to give me a hug. Yep, that's no mystery.
  • What is it about Lukas that makes me laugh? Could it be the way he dresses himself, or the way he acts like such a big boy when he helps me around the house or how he can get to his "blog" all by himself and play games on it. Yea, no mystery here either.
  • What is it about Pat that I love? Could it be his loveable personality, his charm, his unequivocal determination to find his place in the world, the way he seems to always want a hug and the busiest time of day? I know him better than he knows himself.

What are your life mysteries?


Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

Janece you are the cutest thing ever!!! Me and Windy were talking about making the bed earlier we agree why make it so you can climb right back in it!! My question in life is teeth. Thats right I said teeth why do we have baby teeth just to lose them and why do they rot and they are so painful I HATE TEETH!! I hope Shari reads this!! I have issues with teethI guess that could have been my random thing on my blog ok I am done!! But for real I freaking love you!!!!

Jen said...

When you figure out the answers to those first questions, will you let me know? Very well said. Very cute sign you made. You are doing a great job.

Jyl said...

Your hilarious! I think just about all of thoses are my mysteries too.. but I would add one more!.... Hair. The first question I am going to ask when I die is ... Why all the hair. its everywhere... WHY! I hate hair, I even shave my arms. hahah. I owned a waxer when I was 10.. jk. but sheesh. What a cute post.

Tyler and Julia said...

You know, I was laughing the entire time that I was reading this, but what made me laugh the most was when you mentioned having to leave specific instructions for the dads whenever Mom decides to step out & leave him in charge. Come on, if we moms can be in charge of the children EVERY DAY, why can't the dads know exactly what to do for just a few hours? You are the cutest and this was SO MUCH FUN to read! :)

Roth Family said...

These are the funniest. My husband was just telling my mom what a freak I am about the house and messes from my kids. He calls me obsessive. I can't leave my house unless I pick up my kids messes. Crazy I know?!!!Anyways, this was great.

Patty R said...

You are hilarious, I love this post, I've asked myself some of the same questions. My life mysteries are:

-Why do I have to check out my blog or my friend's blogs at least twice a day(call me a stalker I guess, lol)?

-Why do I feel like if I sleep an extra 5-10 minutes in the morning it will make a difference(Medical research says it doesn't make a difference)?

-Why do I always have to check out my hair when ever I pass by something reflective?

-Why do I love chocolate so much?

Windy said...

OKay...I am so glad someone asked all those questions..the funniest part is almost word for word those are the same questions I have that are unasnwered. Maybe one come some people cannot have babies and then you watch the news about people who do not want the ones they have! Makes me sad. Love your blog Janece you are too cute!! I love what you wrote about each of your kids. Oh and I saw Lukas yesterday with Tommy trying so hard to ride their bikes and carry that big tent at the same time. It cracked me up!!