Monday, June 23, 2008

Wish List

If I could be worldly for just one minute...(Yeah, right. I am worldly ALL the time!) I was thinking of things I wish I could have. And I was thinking of that song "Wish List" by Pearl Jam. He wishes to be all these crazy things. Here's what I came up with:
  • I wish I could be high maintenance. (Always be wearing make-up and looking perfect, always having my nails done, always having high-lights in my hair, always having a beautiful tan--fake of course, this white skin can't handle the sun, always having cute brand-named clothes to fit my perfect in-shape body). But instead I am lucky if I have time to shower and my budget does not include all those other self-indulgences. Maybe someone could secretly video tape my hideous outfits and get me on "What Not To Wear" so that I could have $5000 for a new wardrobe and make-over. I desperately need it. Anyone?
  • I wish I could make-over our master bedroom. Can you say boring? It needs a whole lot of something. Same with the boys room. I guess money comes in handy for this. So it will be a while before it happens. But somewhere in the future, it will happen.
  • I wish I could sing. I'm really lucky if I stay on key. Is singing well something that you are born with or can you develop it later in life? I think this isn't something that will ever fall in my "talents" category.
  • I wish I could take a trip to Europe with my sister. Now this wish will come true...but we just have to wait for our kids to get older and our wallets to get fatter. But it's possible. Oooh, I can't wait!!!
  • I wish I could have electrolysis. No hair on my legs or armpits ever again!!! That would be the best. I hate shaving.
  • I wish chocolate, ice cream, sugar and anything sweet tasted horrible to me. If it did, I know for sure I'd shrink down to a size 4. It tastes sooooo good and I just have to have some.
Now I would like to add that I am grateful for what I do have. But a girl can dream can't she?! What do you wish for?


Tyler & Julia Andersen Family said...

Janece, have I told you lately how much I LOVE reading your blog? It's SO great! I must say, I could not agree MORE with two things you mentioned here; I too HATE shaving & want permanent hair removal, and I too wish that anything fattening, delicious, sweet or sugary was disgusting to me. Chocolate, especially. It just gets me in trouble sometimes!

Jen said...

It is more noteworthy to be beautiful without needing all of the makeup, nails, and highlights, like you are. How do you like those apples? It is kind of fun to make an materialistic wish list. You would die if you saw mine!

Kimberly said...

Oh man, I hear ya! I love the part with the perfect nails and tan. That made me laugh because everyone here always has a cute pedicure and spray on tan!

Natalie said...

What a fun post. I may have to steal it for my blog. I wish for some of those same things. I don't think we'd be human if we didn't have wish lists.

Villarreal's said...

LOL! You are so funny... you wish, you could be high maintenance! ha ha, that seriously made me laugh. Pat what are you doing wrong?! :P

Christiansense said...

What a clever post. I to wish for all of those things. If only I had amazing skin, and stylish clothes. But just to let you know, I always think you look absolutly adorable and stylish, so I don't know what that was all about because your gorgeous with amazing features.

Heather Ford said...

Loved the post. But while you're wishing. Why not change the wish from having all the sweet yummies taste bad to you to this: Make everything sugary and chocolaty and delicious be good for you and not ruin the perfect figure that you will have?!!!! Sounds better to me alreay!!!

E Winzeler said...

What a fun post..I totally understand the want for a great tan...I would love a tan! You always dress darling always have your act together!