Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Preschool Pals Graduation

Lukas' last day of preschool was last week and we had a party at the splash park today (the one we rode Lukas' bike to). He got a certificate, cupcakes, a water gun and got to play with his friends. I can see how much he's grown since the first day I took him to preschool. And although he still has 2 years before he can go to kindergarten, this was a wonderful time for him to learn and be around kids his age. (He misses the cut-off date for kindergarten by 6 days!) This was a Joy School kind of preschool, where the mom's were the teachers and we rotated houses every 7 weeks. Next year he goes to Riverton High and is going to be in the Silver Pups Preschool (where a HS student is assigned one preschooler and so they get a lot of one-on-one attention). We're excited for him, he really is getting so big!


Jyl said...

Congrats Lukas!

Patty R said...

Congratulations Lukas! You're such a big boy!

Heather Ford said...

Preschool is so fun! Too bad about missing kindergarten by a few days. Oh well. Now he gets to be the oldest. That's pretty cool too!