Sunday, May 11, 2008


Ok, so I buckled and read the vampire book Twilight and to my utter surprise I LOVED it! I couldn't put it down and now I'm sad b/c I finished it and have nothing to look forward to. WOW! Talk about a great book. I felt like I was Bella the way the author described things and I could feel what she might be feeling! It was crazy. I could feel my heart race every time she was around Edward. And now I am part of the madness that I vowed I would never be a part of. Can't help it! I love Edward the vampire! :)


Tyler & Julia Andersen Family said...

Ooooo, I LOVE "Twilight" too! Did you know that there's a movie of "Twilight" coming out this December? I'm SOOOO excited I can hardly wait. I also found myself loving Edward, and I was also pleasantly surprised by the book. As I read it, I kept thinking, "wow, now I understand why everyone loves this book"!

Paige, Lorin & Polly said...

Did you read New Moon & Eclipse? You will love them just as much!

Shay said...

I totally felt the same way you did while reading it. I love the series...keep reading the other books!

Everyday's a Holiday! said...

Janece, Guess what, I have some sort of connection through my sister with the author of the books, Stephanie Meyer(BTW I'm a huge fan of the series too) so anyway I was asked to get her to be the guest speaker at the CUW next year,so I have been in touch with her publicist and ... MAYBE IT WILL BE THE SAME TIME YOU HAVE A BOOTH THERE WITH ME!!!! that would be too cool! we can be yuppies together!

Jenny May said...

Well I am glad you came to your senses and read TWILIGHT.
However, if you have not read New Moon and Eclipse than you have plenty to look forward to.
PLUS the 4th book comes out in August so you will not have to wait the same amount of time us other nuts have been waiting for Breaking Dawn to
come out.