Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

This is a special day for all moms everywhere. It makes me teary-eyed thinking of the two reasons that made me a mom. I know I fall short in so many areas of motherhood, but my two sweet boys seem to love me anyway. They don't care if I look frazzled and the house is in disarray or if I get impatient and upset. They quickly forget and show me such pure love. I melt when I see them playing together or when they say cute things to me like, "Hey mommy, I have a secret for you..." and then in a quiet whisper they say, "I love you!" There is nothing like today to think of all the reasons I love my role as mother...

  • For sticky hands and faces that smudge fingerprints all over my counters, windows and coffee tables just after I cleaned them.
  • For giggles and hugs at bedtime and watching them as they sleep, so sweet and innocent (quite the contrast from the day).
  • For seeing my kids accomplish something that I never thought possible (peeing in the potty for one or sleeping through the night...)
  • For the excitement in their eyes when I tell them the fun things we're going to do (like going to the playground or the zoo or DISNEYLAND).
  • For the cuddles and squeezes when they need me the most (getting hurt or being scared or sick).
  • For the constant "mommy, mommy" or "Hey mom, I'm thirsty." "Mommy can I have that?" "Mom, can you help me with this". They always seem to need me for something and it makes me feel important.

  • For doing laundry and holding up the tiniest pair of jeans and thinking how cute it is when they are filled up with my little sweetie.
  • For being able to watch as they grow and develop faster than I thought possible.
  • For the times I get to sit and play with them, and do what they are doing.
  • For the times when I watch them without them knowing and they are so sweet together and play so nicely.
  • For bath time and nap time. Seeing Max's chubby little body and the stark contrast of Lukas' skinny little legs.
  • For the love that comes from serving them and the unbreakable bond that we share.
  • For their sweet faces and adorable personalities.
  • For always having someone with me who loves me unconditionally.
  • For the times that you realize how much influence you can have on them and how they repeat what you thought they didn't hear or understand.
  • For that first smile or laugh and knowing that this tiny little person is yours to keep and take care of.

  • For hearing a quiet house and realizing I prefer the noise of happy kids.

  • For the moment I realized I'd rather be with my kids than get a babysitter, and when I do get a babysitter, just thinking about them the whole time I'm gone.
  • For walking Lukas to preschool and realizing how independent he already has become and having such a bittersweet moment knowing it will be over too quickly and soon he'll be on a mission and going off to college or getting married. And he won't need me so much.
  • For those special moments where time seems to stand still and my kids are happy and it makes me happy.
There are so many other reasons to love being a mother. I just have to say that I never imagined that motherhood could be so hard and yet it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done or will ever do in my life. Thank you Lukas and Max for going on this journey of life together! You make it wonderful (and yet so difficult at times). You are my sunshines!!!


Shay said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love your post and putting motherhood into perspective. I too love my 2 boys and feel a lot like you do with your boys. I'm off to go play with them!

Natalie said...

Well said! I agree with everything you wrote. I've always loved kids, but there is nothing better than a hug, kiss, & I love you from your very own child. Happy Mother's Day!

Patty R said...

JaNece you are a great mom, this post is so sweet. Happy Mother's day!

Everyday's a Holiday! said...

Janece, you are so cute! One of the best Moms I know, your boys are precious! And you look HOT in this picture! Happy Mothers Day, Love you!

Kimberly said...

That was so sweet. I think motherhood is one of the most rewarding, difficult, precious, entertaining, and triumphant experiences in life! You are such a cute mom.

On the other hand, now that you've read Twilight, are you reading the other two? I loved all three! I can't wait for the next book that comes out in August!

Mindy said...

Happy Mother's Day Sis! You're a great mom and LOVE the sentiments. You have a way with words...

Kenna said...

You are so amazing! What a great mom. Those kids are so lucky to have you! Yay for moms!