Sunday, November 11, 2007

Birthday Boy!!

Max just celebrated his first birthday on Friday (November 9). I can't believe he's already one!! He is my sweet escape. I love everything about him. He is just so cute and happy and sweet. I hope he always stays that way. He brings a lot of happiness to our family and so it was fun to celebrate him. He had NO idea what we were doing with the presents and balloons and stuff, but boy did he like his cake! Lukas loved helping him open his presents and blow out his candle. We had a family party for him on Saturday and it was nice to have both sides of the family there to celebrate. We are blessed to live close to Pat's family and most of my family (we miss you Mindy). Here is a slideshow of his party and birthday.


Patty Ramos said...

Happy birthday to my sweet nephew Max, his party was so cute. I love the pics ;)

mwaymo said...

Happy Birthday Max!!!