Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools

Pat had to work April 1st, and I'm not really a big joker. He needed to pick up something at his office, but he was at the hospital, so he had me do it. While me and the kids were in the car, I kept telling the kids about April Fools and how today is the only day we can play tricks on each other. Well, Max kept putting his arm in his sleeve and saying, "Look Mom, I broke my arm...April Fools!" I suddenly got an idea. We got home and set our plan into motion. I sent Pat a text saying I was on my way to InstaCare because Max fell off the neighbors playground and broke his arm. I knew he couldn't call me, so I continued to send texts to him about what was happening and what the Dr. said. When Pat got home, I was holding Max (who had a ace bandage wrapped around his arm along with a sling we borrowed from Windy after MUCH bribing, I might add). He was kind of giggling, so Pat didn't know what to think. But I told him to unwrap his arm to see how bruised it was. As he unwrapped it, this is what he found...And he totally fell for it!!!!!!! Man I'm good! :)

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