Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zoey @ 10 months

Little miss Zoey is just growing and growing! She is such a sweet heart. She loves playing peek-a-boo and just giggles and bounces when Pat or I play with her. She loves Wolfie and if nothing else can make her happy, he can. She loves to pat him and sit next to him. Zoey doesn't like to be put down. Especially if I am vacuuming or right around dinner time. She is getting more independent and crawls up the stairs by herself. She also opens all the drawers in the kitchen (tupperware, placemats and ikea plates are always all over the floor). She likes to feed herself and baby food is not her favorite. She sits and plays on the floor during church, which makes church easier than having to hold her the whole time. Her brothers still adore her. Lukas knows how to make her laugh and tickles her. Max still loves her too much at times and she lets him know it with her high pitched squeals. Zoey still doesn't take a binkie, but absolutely can't sleep without her blankie. She will cuddle it and squeeze it and love it. It's really cute.


emily said...

So sad that we are missing her whole life! We love you all!

DeAnna said...

JaNece, what a darling family! You're the cutest mom. Good to know I'm not the only crazy mom out there trying to make it through another crazy day! -- DeAnna (Dean) Larson

The Dalton Family said...

What a doll!!! I love her she is the cutest little thing! I haven't been blogging forever and my goal is to be more like you!! You have such a neat family- we LOVE you guys!