Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pat, the Nurse

Pat has been working at the U of U Hospital on the Telemetry floor for a year and a half. He has gained some great experience and has just loved his floor. He has always wanted to get a job closer to home, and with the new Riverton Hospital right here, he decided to go for it. He got a job on the 2nd floor (med/surg) and I was ecstatic!! His commute is 2 minutes, which means more home time. Well, it was short-lived because he wasn't happy there. It was too boring for his craziness. He has also always wanted to work in the ICU. Lucky for him an ICU internship has just opened up at IMC in Murray (only 7 miles away) and HE GOT IT! He is super excited because with this experience, it will help him get into Nurse Anesthesia School. The adventure never ends with him. He will have a 8 week paid training and then be on his own on the Thoracic ICU floor. Good Luck Pat!!

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