Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zoey @ 8 months

This little girl gets cuter and cuter! She is officially crawling and getting around. It's fun to watch her rock back and forth and then just take off. She likes to play on the floor now with toys and the boys and Wolfie. She is a great little eater and would rather eat something she can pick up rather than something pureed. One of her top front teeth have come in and the other is not far behind. She went through a rough patch of waking up a lot during the night (I think it was her teeth), but now is back to her wonderful sleep habits. She expresses herself with squeaks, screams and squeals. Especially when being overwhelmed by her brothers. She smiles at everyone and is so happy and friendly. She is starting to go to others without a fuss (she was starting to turn into a momma's girl). She likes taking baths and playing in the water. She doesn't like getting dressed or her diaper changed. When she hears music from her toys, she bounces and claps. Everyday I thank my Heavenly Father for her sweet spirit in my life. It is amazing how much love I have for her. Not unlike my love for the boys, but it's so tender since she is the girl and my last. What a precious little sweetie I have!!!


Mindy said...

She looks so different from when I last saw her. She's growing up - make her stop!!! So adorable. I can't get over her eyes! How will you ever be able to say no to her?!

Christi said...

I love her pigtails.