Saturday, November 6, 2010

Zoey @ 7 months

How I love this little girl! She is so fun. She sits up on her own, and plays with the toys that I leave in front of her. She likes to eat and loves to grab her little puffs and attempt to put them in her mouth. She is a momma's girl and has serious separation anxiety when I leave her side (which is rare). It's exhausting, for sure, but I LOVE her!! She makes babbling noises and copies you if you repeat a noise. She sometimes grabs onto something and tries to squeeze it with all her might and muscle. It's hilarious and the face she makes while she does it is a puckered, squinty-eyed one. She has two bottom teeth. I get NOTHING done when she is awake, but it's fun to watch her interact with her brothers (who love her to death) and Wolfie. Zoey and Wolfie have an understanding. She will grab and pull at him, and he just sits and lets her. He'll come up and lick her or sit next to her. They are buddies. It's so cute. Lukas likes to pick Zoey up and then that means Max does, too. She hates it and immediately lets me know they are too much for her. She will go to Daddy without a fuss and gets so happy when he is in the room. She still doesn't take a binkie, but loves her lovie (a small square of minky fabric that she has to have to fall asleep).


Natalie said...

I can not get over how cute she is. I need to come visit you!

Christi said...

You can't help but love her.