Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

I spent Memorial Day in Woodland Hills. My parents had a lunch for everyone (in their nice new gazebo) and then we headed to the Payson cemetary where a lot of the ancestors on my mom's side are buried. We took flowers and took them around to all the headstones. Max wanted to pose in front of every headstone that we walked by. Funny kid. It was a nice day to remember those who fought for our country and those that have gone on before us.


Christi said...

I always look forward to reading about your Memorial Day. I love your tradition of going to the Payson Cemetery.

Windy said...

how neat. Lukas told me about the day...that is great that he knows the meaning of Memorial day. I have to say I love the picture of your Mom and Dad. Your Dad cracks me up! I love the Gazebo...I want to have a lunch under it sometime!!

Jyl said...

sooo fun! and OMG you are so beautiful JaNece!