Sunday, February 28, 2010


Everyone needs someone they can laugh with and talk to and share secrets with and be silly with. Someone who understands you and can be there for you when need them. Someone you can call and complain to or whine to or cry with. Or borrow a box of macaroni and cheese from when your kids want nothing else. Someone that you can call 100 times a day and can have your kids run to their house when you need a nap. Someone who loves the shows you love and so you have to get together to watch them. Someone you love and trust to take care of your kids in a crisis. I am so lucky to live in a neighborhood where that is a commonplace everyday! I can walk up or down any street and find a friend there. I love it. I need it and I can't live without it. Thank goodness for girlfriends!!!!! (NOTE: This picture does not include every girlfriend...sorry! But you are recognized just the same.)


Christi said...

Friends are the best.

Windy said...

Oh you are the BEST FRIEND EVER!