Saturday, January 2, 2010

Menlanson New Year

This will be the second annual MenLanSon New Year we have celebrated! {Long story short, we met in our first married student ward...the Mendoza's, Lantz's and Nelsons}. We love our friends!!! Thanks Steve and Julie for hosting. We had yummy food, good company and felt so blessed to ring in the new year with great friends. Our get-togethers always consist of catching up, eating food, playing with our kids, and some kind of competition between the guys to throw the ball in the cup or dive through the ring or catch the ball from far away. Well, this was no different. Clayton brought a torture game that actually shocked you if you lost and a cup stacking game that kept the boys up 'til about 3 a.m. Not to mention a little ceiling leak thanks to the boys (little ones) flushing the toilet and it overflowing! SORRY Steve!!! We had so much fun. Happy 2010!


Christi said...

This is a wonderful tradition you and your friends have started.

Tyler and Julia said...

Wow! None of you have changed at all since we were all in the same ward together 7 years ago! The only difference is that your families have gotten bigger. There are times when I really miss that ward. :)