Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dime

We just got back from Fish Lake. Pat and Lukas were gone running an errand and I was home with Max. We were relaxing on my bed, watching a movie. I noticed Max had some coins in his mouth and I got after him to take them out. (This is common with him. He is always holding money in his hands.) He was laying down with the coins in his mouth so I reached over to grab them out. As I did, they fell back in his throat and he started choking!!! I was freaking out trying to get him to cough them out. He was gagging, but then started breathing/crying again. I called Pat in a panic to find out what to do. I gave Max some water to drink and he seemed fine, just a little frazzled. When Pat got home we took Max to Insta Care to make sure he would be alright. They took an Xray of his chest and sure enough there was the dime in his tummy. He just had to pass it on it's own and he'd be fine they said. That Max, he gives me gray hairs!!! He did so good at the Dr.'s office and on the Xray table. I guess he's used to doctors by now.


Patty R said...

Oh my goodness that little guy. I'm glad he's ok! Love you guys!

Christi said...

He's going to keep you one your toes. You better make sure you always have good health insurance. :) I hope it came out easier than it when in.

Christina said...

Thank goodness for hair color!!