Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ode to Fathers

What a great day to celebrate all the DADs out there! Happy Father's Day!!!!! Pat and I are so very blessed to have two great dad's (Jack & Big Pat). They taught us so much and we are so grateful for them. If it weren't for Dad's, who would teach us how to change a tire or mow the lawn?? Here's what the boys say about their dad...

"I like it when Daddy plays Pictionary with me. He draws so good!"- Lukas
"He gives me gummies. I love sour." -Max
(referring to Sour Patch Kids, which Pat keeps in a big jar in his office.)
Thanks Pat for being the greatest Dad to our boys. They love you and look up to you. You're an awesome example to them!! This day is for YOU!! Now, let's go fishin'!


Tyler and Julia said...

We think the world of both you & Pat, JaNece. Pat is quite a guy & such a great dad, too. It's obvious whenever you look at your boys. You have such a cute family. Oh & btw, I may just have to call you & ask for some potty training advice, since I've never trained a boy before. :)

Jyl said...

Pat your an amazing Dad and husband to my Bestie! not to be confused with Beastie.... LOl Happy Fathers day!